Conference Speaker Market Technological Advancement, Business Growth Rate, Demand and Top Companies like Plantronics Inc., Artis
Conference Speaker Market Technological Advancement, Business Growth Rate, Demand and Top Companies like Plantronics Inc., Artis
Global Conference Speaker Market is estimated to be worth USD 2,337.93 USD Million in 2021and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.74% between 2016 to 2027.

Speakers square measure transducers that reconstruct sound waves from magnetic force waves. Conferencing particularly video conferencing is taking the world by storm. Moreover, to create video conferencing a lot of economical people, still as firms, square measure incorporating the employment of conference speakers therefore supporting the expansion of the conference speaker market within the amount of forecast. moreover, with innovation in technology conference speakers became transportable. this suggests the user will fleetly remodel the living or bedchamber into the house workplace anytime and might be used anyplace outside with efficiency. in addition, speakers have hardware with inherent bass boosting drivers, sound amplifiers, and square measure accessible altogether sizes to satisfy client demand.

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The Global Conference Speaker Market report offers associate-derived market growth of the business. A comprehensive analysis of the earth market report includes market dynamics like market drivers, restraints, and potentialities before the business. additionally, the analysis report contains opportunities among the Conference Speaker market at worldwide and national rates. the companies operate across the earth regions identification can even be incorporated within the study report. very little business ways in which and key developments adopted by world businesses in addition square measure elucidated throughout this analysis report.

Top Key Players Mentioned:

Logitech (Switzerland),Phoenix Audio Technologies (US),GN Netcom (JABRA)(Denmark),Plantronics Inc. (US),Bose Corporation US),Yamaha Corporation (Japan),ClearOne Inc. (US),AHUJA RADIOS (India),Artis (US),I-ball (India),CODA AUDIO (US),Audio-Technica (India),Shure Europe (US),Sony Corporation (Japan),Dolby Laboratories Inc. (US),Bosch (Germany),Revolabs (US),HARMAN International (US),Others

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The Global Conference Speaker Market Report was produced through extensive primary and secondary studies. The report also focuses on qualitative and quantitative assessments by analyzing data collected from industry analysts and market participants across key points in the industry's value chain, growth aspects, utilization and manufacturing capabilities.

Market Dynamics and Factors in Conference Speaker Market


The increasing threat of climate change and growing public consciousness. With the threat of climate change mounting in the public realization, businesses are progressively turning to use audio and video conference calls for meetings instead of taking unnecessary journeys by car, air, or rail. Further, many businesses work collaboratively in teams, which has significantly increased the demand for portable Conference Speakers. In addition to this, present situations of the outbreak, which gained a global pandemic status, have enforced companies to heavily rely on business conferencing tools as workers stop commuting to offices. In addition to this analyst discovered the demand is expected to increase post-pandemic period. as most of the employees could soon be heading back to the office. However, there is a good chance that a large number of offices will follow social distancing rules and all the meetings are likely to be held in larger rooms, around bigger tables, and with more spacing between employees. So, when it comes to making conference calls or video conferences during meetings, companies are going to need advanced Conference Speaker options. Plus, these speakers offer a more affordable mode of conversation that gives the edge to the Conference Speakers over telephones. These all factors are expected to boost the market growth during the forecast period

Business around the world is expanding at a rapid rate, new FDI policies by emerging countries providing better getaways to large scale as well as mid-sized companies to expand their business. However, the growing need for controlled business models has triggered the demand for better communications tools. Which has directly impacted the demand for Conference Speakers.

The rapid expansion of business around the world

The rise in the population using video conferencing for daily meetings is driving the expansion of the conference speakers' market in the period of forecast. Moreover, several companies reported, video conferencing bridges the gap between physical locations and employees scattered worldwide further, it also enhances productivity and better work-life. A rise of 50% in productivity was seen due to video conferencing Furthermore, 90% of people find it easier to deliver their point across a video conferencing according to a report published by Digital in the Round. Additionally, 76% of employees use video conferencing for remote work globally hence all these factors promote the expansion of the conference speaker market in the duration of the forecast. Furthermore, speakers with Wi-Fi connectivity are gaining popularity among individuals hence, supporting the market growth in the period of forecast.


Low audio quality output with the additional connections

With the expansion of business demand for conferences, speakers are increasing. However, the quality of the device in terms of audio or video is always an issue that every company is facing today. This is mainly due to low noise reduction and connectivity. These factors affect personal relations when the client or other team members hear a colleague's voice in the background. remarks and jokes can be taken the wrong way or be offensive when the other members cannot see a caller's smile or facial expression. Another factor affecting the market growth is that the quality of the call declines as additional locations is added. When more than one party is involved, there are large chances of two of them talking at the same time and none of them will hear their thoughts. Such disadvantages with Conference Speakerphones may hamper the growth of the market during the forecast period.


New product launch by major market players at an affordable price range

The pandemic period has significantly increased the frequency of conference calls and meeting through different platforms. However, the audio issues with telephones and smartphones still exist. With the tons of virtual meetings and video conferencing users are looking for a better audio experience. This has shifted users' focus to compact speakerphones to improve the overall audio experience. Moreover, with increasing frequencies of mobile meetings at any time and any location, demand for portable Conference Speakerphones is likely to increase. New portable Conference Speakerphone designed by major market players for mobile workers who need to set up unprepared conference calls at any time of the day and location, whether it's in the back of a taxi or a hotel room, is expected to propel the market growth. New features with better connectivity to the mobile phone, tablet, and PC will increase the use of speakerphones during the forecast period.

Even the current pandemic condition shrank the economy, the small-business startup rate stayed steady around the world. For instance, between May and June, over 930,000 new businesses were started in the US alone, which is slightly more than the second quarter of 2019 when the small-business launches stood at 910,000. The same situation can be seen in other emerging countries such as India and China. However, with the rising number of corporate operations throughout the world, the number of client calls, meetings, and discussions is expected to rise. In addition to this, increasing consciousness regarding environmental factors is expected to increase remote operations. which in turn will offer a better growth opportunity for the Conference Speakerphone market.


Growing inclination toward online conference platforms through smartphones

Most of the users carry smartphones or tablets nowadays and using different online platforms to connect with team meetings or client calls. The percentage of smartphone usage has increased since the pandemic conditions. With the increase in smartphone use for video or audio conferencing the demand for Conference Speakers may affect. However, smartphone use for video conferencing is expected to increase over the forecast period owing to better internet connectivity and convenience. These factors are the major challenges Conference Speakerphone manufacturers are facing.

Future Trend:

CR-10 Surround speakers allow the user to fine-tune sound according to the user's room and taste. Moreover, CR-10 provides the user with crystal clear sound with realistic immersive effects. LOUD Audio, LLC was having the highest share of shipments in 2020 followed by Klipsch Group, Inc.

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Conference Speaker Market Segmentation:

In market segmentation by Application, Conference Speaker Market report covers:

Group, Personal, Enterprise, Government, Other

In market segmentation by Type, Conference Speaker Market report covers:

Speakerphone, Videobar

In market segmentation by Feature, Conference Speaker Market report covers:

·         Mic:

Ø  One

Ø  Two

Ø  Multi

  • Smart

Ø  Bluetooth Connectivity

Ø  Wi-Fi Connectivity

Ø  Virtual Assistance

  • Portability

Following regions are highlighted Conference Speaker Market report:


·         North America

·         Asia Pacific

·         Europe

·         Middle East & Africa


The Analysts have distributed the Conference Speaker Market across different geographies such as North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa and India for detailed market study. The financial aspects of the business are also carefully studied, referring to several attributes such as price, profit margin and sales by region for the forecast period 2021-2027.

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Key Industry Development in Conference Speaker Market


·         In January 2021, Logitech is setting the bar high in the video conferencing industry with next-generation appliances and PC-based solutions that support today's leading video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The latest Logitech Rally Bar will revamp meetings with cinema-quality video and unbreakable, clear audio in an all-in-one design.


·         In February 2020, Bose Corporation has launched Bose Video bar VB1, an all-in-one USB conferencing product that brings superior quality audio and video to meeting areas, from crowded spaces to medium-sized rooms, and allows users to be crystal clear seen and fully understood on video conference calls. The six beam-steering microphones progressively focus on voices in the room and cancel outside noise.


·         In June 2021, Yamaha Corporation has unveiled a new line of Sound Bar "ESB-1090". A next-in-line product of Yamaha's Enterprise Sound Bar, ESB-1090, the ESB-1080 resolves common problems in sound output to create a rich, superior sound experience. Each speaker is made up of two tweeters, two subwoofers, and two middle-range speakers to produce optimized sound for collaboration or video playback.



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