Comprehensive Initial DEX Offering Services
Comprehensive Initial DEX Offering Services
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What Is An IDO?

An IDO is when a project launches a token through a decentralized liquidity exchange, which administers the fundraising event on behalf of its operatives. Project team themselves collect the pool assets, an IDO model means that the fundraising will be conducted on an exchange’s launchpad platform.

This model allows crypto startups to raise money through built-in liquidity pools without depending on intermediaries. It also enables community members to benefit from immediate token trading, as well as save on lower costs for listing.

Source: YahooFinance

Why Do We Need IDOs?

With the decentralized nature of IDOs, this new fundraising model is attempting to solve the issues of ICOs while adding new possibilities to the crypto market. By crowdfunding with IDOs, entrepreneurs can release a blockchain product that goes beyond malicious third-party influencers, while eliminating any issues regarding hackers and human error.

Advantages of an IDO

An initial DEX offering has many clear advantages compared to initial exchange offerings (IEO) and initial coin offerings (ICO).

When raising funds for a project through an IEO or ICO, projects are first required to pay exchange fees and wait for a project to receive approval by the exchange before it’s listed.

With IDOs, projects don’t have to pay high fees and don’t require anyone’s permission as it’s a completely decentralized offering.


Benefits of IDO fundraising Model

Initial DEX offering or IDO is a new fundraising model that offers better liquidity of crypto assets, faster, open and fair trading. IDO model is the successor of fundraising models such as ICO, STO, and IEO.

If a company wants to raise funds to build new products or expand its business, it has multiple options. The traditional option is to go for financial loans or investments from banks and VCs.

  1. Common benefits of IDO model are listed for you,
  2. Open and fair fundraising 
  3. Fast trading 
  4. Immediate liquidity

IDO Development Services

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