Certified Sales Coach –Ursula Mentjes Announces 2X Intensive Course To Empower Clients To Double And Triple Their Revenue
Certified Sales Coach –Ursula Mentjes Announces 2X Intensive Course To Empower Clients To Double And Triple Their Revenue
Ursula Mentjes, A Certified Sales Expert And CEO Of Sales Coach Now Is Set To Hold 2X Intensive, An Event Targeted At Helping Clients Grow In Their Businesses And Expand Revenue.

June, 2022: Certified sales coach and CEO of Sales Coach Now is proud to announce her 2X Intensive Course, carefully designed to help clients and CEOs skyrocket their monthly and annual revenue to 2X, 3X, and even 10X. The 2X intensive event is set to guide business owners on ways to work less and lay off 10+ hours of their work schedule each week and still exceed their quantum revenue goals.

In the work scene today, putting in long hours of work has been said to be the hallmark of success and financial growth, hence the saying – hard work pays off. Although spending long hours at work could potentially lead to increased revenue, there have been proven ways to work smarter and not harder. This is where the 2X Intensive Course scores big, as it is tailored to reveal tips that could enforce a significant breakthrough for CEOs and remodel their mindset towards financial growth and success.

Oftentimes, the tips needed to experience growth and double annual revenues are usually close at hand but unknown to business owners. At the 2X Intensive event, every one of these details will be unveiled and disclosed to clients.  

At the 2X Intensive event, attendees will be taught how to create a simple model month template to double and even triple sales while laying off 10+ hours of work schedule each week. This is guaranteed to help anyone struggling to delegate even an hour off of their work schedule. This will be achieved without having to develop more products, services, or revenue streams, thereby giving CEOs the time to focus on leveling up and making changes where necessary.

“At Ursula, Inc., our mission is to help our clients to expand their business from 2X, 3X, and even 10X. Our Master Coaching team has worked with over 5,000 businesses over the past 15 years to help clients quickly identify the upper limit blocks that are stopping them from doubling their revenue (or more) while shaving 10 or more hours off their workweek. Many clients report doubling and tripling their revenue in 90 days or less while they scale with ease.”

Ursula Mentjes, the founder of Ursula Inc., a premier international business training and coaching company focused on empowering clients to scale their business from six figures to seven figures and beyond, is a certified sales coach, five-time bestselling author, and CEO of Sales Coach Now. Ursula specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help her clients double and triple their revenue irrespective of their niche. On her journey to success, Ursula learned the value of working smarter rather than harder and has since coached and trained thousands of CEOs.

CEOs looking to scale their business and exceed their quantum revenue goals should apply to attend the 2X Intensive Event and benefit from the invaluable tips that will be disclosed.

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