Can Government Employee Invest in Share Market ?
Can Government Employee Invest in Share Market ?
Yes, Government employees can Invest in Stock Market for the long term but government employees cannot trade in the stock market for the short term. but investment in the stock market is subject to certain rules and regulations. Let’s find out what are they.

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Restrictions on Government employees

Section 16 of the Central Civil Services(Conducts) Restricts any government employee to trade in any stock, share, or other investment. This code applies to all government servants whether they are from the Central government, State government, or Union territories. As per the rule, any government employee cannot speculate in the stock market whether it is a stock, share, or other commodity.

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Here, Trading is termed speculation which means that he is planning for a high-risk reward game and when speculation comes in then your main occupation is left behind. Therefore, Currency trading, commodity trading, futures, and options trading, futures and options trading, or any form of short-term selling or intra-day trading nothing can be done. Hence, it is concluded that government employees cannot do trading in the share market.

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