Buy Facebook Video Views With a Planned Online Marketing Campaign
Buy Facebook Video Views With a Planned Online Marketing Campaign
As a brand and an agency we often look at the trends going on in the online world and wonder how to buy Facebook Video ads or where to get our Facebook Video marketing campaigns going.

As a brand and an agency we often look at the trends going on in the online world and wonder how to buy Facebook Video ads or where to get our Facebook Video marketing campaigns going. Some of us are lucky enough to already have our own blogs on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter so we are already set up for this type of marketing but for others it can still be a little bit confusing. It can be especially confusing if you are a brand looking to promote one of their products, as then it can be even more confusing as to which platform to promote it on. It is important that whatever you do you get lots of exposure and Facebook Video ads is a great way to do just that. So what are these things that you should consider when you are trying to buy Facebook Video ads? Let's take a look...

Competition - No one likes competition but this is something that we all need to face when doing business online. The world is full of marketers who see this as an opportunity to grow their business and their market share. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with this it is vital that as a brand you don't simply focus on one market and be overt and aggressive with your marketing campaign. It is very easy to become 'too busy' and try to cover too much with your marketing campaign and this is why it is so important that you focus on a top 5 list and from there expand to other top 5 lists where there is less competition.

Research - You need to make sure that you have researched the various platforms available and used that information to determine what type of advertising would be most suitable for you. Many of the popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to target specific audiences by age, gender, location and keywords so it is always worth spending some time researching these key areas. Research is key when using any type of media to promote your business and this is also true when it comes to buying Facebook videos.

Choose wisely - As with everything in life you get what you pay for. In many instances you will find that the free ways of video promotion are far more effective than the most expensive paid methods. A lot of people think that if they spend lots of money they will get lots of views but the truth is you will probably get a lot of views using the cheaper methods but you will probably not convert them into sales. Free forms of advertising such as YouTube and social media sites are far more effective than trying to sell products and services directly through Facebook videos. In fact those types of ads are not allowed by Facebook at the moment.

Get creative - You may think that creating your own video content is difficult but in actual fact it is very simple. All you need to do is get creative and think about the types of content that other companies or brands are making use of. Think about things like funny skits, cute clips, music videos or even how-to videos. If you want to increase your reach then it can be worthwhile uploading many different types of content so that people can search through them and find your particular type of video.

Do not pay attention to negative comments - One thing that many people do not do is take the time to read other users' comments on any post they are browsing through. If you notice negative comments then don't just ignore them but treat them with caution. You can often find honest opinions by reading through the comment page. If you do not see anything that could be threatening then it is likely that no one is actually paying attention to them so keep your distance.

Do not promise too much - If you are promoting any product or service then you should aim to do this whilst keeping your overall target audience in mind. For example if you are running a Facebook video campaign then you should only promote the item or service if you can achieve a minimum of 5 thousand likes for each video. This is the bare minimum as you can easily achieve over twenty or thirty thousand likes for each video if you really want to push your brand or product. In order to get more Facebook video views you should work on increasing the number of lines on your page, signing up to popular social networking sites and offering a free gift or discount to customers who sign up to your list.

As you can see there are many ways you can use Facebook to increase your sales and client base. The key to buying Facebook views in this instance is to research your audience and your potential target audience and then focus on the types of content that will make them want to buy. If you do all this before you launch your online marketing campaign then you will avoid any costly mistakes and be guaranteed success with your social media marketing.