Brief about Orphan Drugs and examples of it
Brief about Orphan Drugs and examples of it
Orphan Drugs Market

An orphan drug is a pharmacological agent produced to treat medical disorders that would be unprofitable to produce without government aid due to their rarity. Orphan diseases are the names given to these illnesses.


Orphan medications include the following:

Ivacaftor is a treatment for cystic fibrosis, a hereditary illness that affects roughly 30,000 Americans and causes respiratory and digesting issues.

Alglucerase is a Gaucher disease medication that causes discomfort and tissue damage in the liver, spleen, lungs, and bone marrow.

Coagulation factor IX is a drug that helps people with haemophilia B prevent bleeding.

Imatinib is a cancer treatment that is used to treat specific kinds of leukaemia.

Rucaparib is an ovarian cancer therapy.


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