BougeRV to Launch its Super Flexible CIGS Solar Panel
BougeRV to Launch its Super Flexible CIGS Solar Panel
This panel is great for a wide range of applications when you need it.

Solar panel applications are evolving with cutting-edge technology. Some solar panel technology enthusiasts, who are also outdoor enthusiasts, have been looking forward to flexible panels that are more portable and efficient. With the release of new and better flexible solar panels, they no longer have to wait.

BougeRV decided to launch the CIGS thin-film solar panel to meet people looking for a more flexible solar panel. It is ideal for use on yachts, truck trailers, and boats. The panel can be bent up to nearly 360 degrees and rolled into a circle. This panel is great for a wide range of applications when you need it. And thisthin-film solar panel is completely waterproof. Thus there are no worries about panels being damaged.

Who is this for

The CIGS Flexible solar panels are easy to install anywhere on RVs, boats, yachts, or even irregular surfaces. So, CIGS Flexible solar panels are a good choice if you are going on extended RV full-time living, camping trips, or traveling in places where the power grid is unreliable.

BougeRV CIGS solar panels can charge a smartphone for hours or even days at a time, weather -independent, and can also use a portable power station to store the electricity they generate. It is worth mentioning that CIGS flexible solar panels are softer than other monocrystalline silicon flexible solar panels and are more suitable for covering uneven surfaces. Like the Teardrop RV surface or Sailboats.

How to pick

You will need a lot of information before choosing the most suitable thin-film solar panel. Let’s start with the following factors and questions:

Power output and charging

In partial shade or low-light conditions, the output of CIGS thin-film solar panels remains stable, about twice that of monocrystalline solar panels. Therefore, choose the BougeRV CIGS solar panels to provide higher stability for your off-grid photovoltaic system. Because if anything is missing, you may not get enough power to charge a cell phone all day long, which is impractical.


The size of a good portable solar panel allows you to install it in an RV easily. Meanwhile, the larger surface area is better at capturing elusive light on overcast days. Since backpackers or trekking campers are most likely to need solar chargers, the solar panel doesn't want them to add too much weight to your travel outfit. Haven’t considered anything over 2 kilograms.


The good news is the installation of flexible solar panels is do-it-yourself mainly work. In fact, most products can simply use tapes, adhesives, or Velcro to attach to your RV. And the package alsoincludes a user manual to explain it in detail.

Warranty and Reliability

BougeRVCIGS Flexible Solar Panel comes with an 18-month warranty from the purchase date. If you have any questions while using the product, please feel free to contact them. BougeRV provides you with professional technical services. They will also help you to build the ideal DIY solar system.

About BougeRV

BougeRV is a one-stop solar energy company dedicated to solar energy development and technology upgrading. At present, BougeRV has solar panels, portable power stations, solar controllers, and outdoor air conditioners. The 9BB technology they have performs well in the market, and the new CIGS technology complements and upgrades the existing solar system to meet the needs of more solar users.

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