Boat Bottom Painting – Top Ten Questions To Ask About Antifouling Paint
First things first, the health of your boat’s hull is as important as other visible parts of a boat. When the vessel is stored in water, it is exposed to marine growth and other elements that can lead to a fouled bottom.

Antifouling paint as a boat bottom painting option is a proven preventative maintenance method to protect the hull and have a clean, safe boat. 

Antifouling Paint

It is a paint type effective against various kinds of marine organisms – such as algae, weeds, mussels, slime, and barnacles. A fouled bottom can affect a boat’s performance on the water, which further leads to a costly repair. Different types of antifouling paints, which use the dissipation of metal as a toxic biocide, can help against biofouling and make a vessel remain safe, efficient for a long time.

However, choosing a suitable antifouling paint isn’t an easy job. Since there is formulation involved in the painting process, a boat owner needs to consider various things, including paint used in the past and how the vessel is being used.  While getting boat bottom painting services from a company, a buyer should remember that softer paints can go over harder ones, but not vice-versa.

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