Blockchain private network in Science and Technology Parks
Blockchain private network in Science and Technology Parks
The association has 52 science and technology parks operating, all of which aim to offer their residents fast and secure access to blockchain technology.

The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) has announced the launch of a collaboration agreement with Telefónica with the aim of developing a private network to facilitate the use of blockchain technology for the more than 8,000 integrated companies.

The parks themselves will control the nodes, so the aforementioned blockchain network will be private and independent. BLOCKPTC, as it is called, is built from TrustOS , Telefónica's own technology that we have already talked about in this article .

3 month pilot program

During a trial period of three months, 8,000 companies and entities will have access to this network without paying anything . Throughout that time, they will be able to test the different applications and see if they are convinced by the two uses that will be deployed at the moment: the tokenization of their activity and the digital identity.

“In the same way that it happened in the early 90s when science and technology parks were the only places where companies could access high-speed internet, now science and technology parks will be the first to offer their companies and entities access fast to blockchain, thus offering a new value for the simple fact of being located in a park ”, explains Felipe Romera, president of APTE, in a statement.

From APTE they assure that it will not be necessary to make any extra investment . Nor is it necessary to have knowledge of blockchain technology to take advantage of this opportunity. However, a series of face-to-face workshops have been organized in Valladolid, Malaga, Madrid and Bilbao.

Likewise, APTE will organize webinars in its APTEFORMA digital training classroom . In them, all the TrustOS modules will be presented and examples will be given so that companies know what activities they will be able to carry out.

TrustOS modules

The network is expected to be operational before the end of this January. Then companies will be able to do tests to find out what application they can make of the available TrustOS modules. These are: TRACK, to carry out the traceability of digital assets on the blockchain; TOKEN, aimed at developing gamification strategies and managing transferable value to build new markets; TRUST, which provides transparency and SETTLE, an aid for certain operations, such as the financial reconciliation of various entities.

The creation of an Innovative Digital Identity Service is also planned, which will allow the creation of a public catalog of innovative companies so that all of them are related to each other on the same network.