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Ballistic Separator Types and Advantage - DCC Infra

The ballistic separator is appropriate to kind the non-stop circulate of waste in one-of-a-kind fractions relying on form and weight. Ballistic Separator is a pacesetter into the planning, production, and meeting of sorting structures and additives for the waste disposal and recycling enterprise worldwide. A Ballistic Separator isn’t always simply the machine, it’s far the engineering method to kind out mild to complicated substances from the floor and to satisfy destiny demanding situations effortlessly. Here we can provide an explanation for the whole thing approximately Ballistic Separator operating Principle, Types, Advantages, Characteristics & more:

What is a Ballistic Separator?

Simply put, a Ballistic separator is a scientific gadget designed via way of means of experts to type out waste substances. As the call suggests, it’s far the exceptional segregation tool used to collect, type, and separate substances of all shapes and sizes. The ballistic separator is Suitable for sorting Municipal Waste. The ballistic separator is a combination used to split one enter fabric movement into or 3 fractions. The gadget is designed for sorting Bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable Solid Waste. Which are taken care of into RDF, Soil, and Raw fabric for Manure

The ballistic separator machine mainly consists of a wide range of flexible parts like:

  • Raised roof
  • Impulsion fan
  • Replaceable screening plates
  • A flexible set of paddles
  • Electrical panel
  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • Centralized lubricating system
  • Maintenance cart
  • Conveyor belts


Sorting of mild packaging cloth and class of polymer fractions.
Screening and Separation of contraries in vegetation used for the remedy of alternative fuel.
Material Stream Separation is a primary step of Separation in the mechanical Biological remedy of residual waste.
Post-class of the biologically handled fraction earlier than unload garbage.