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7 Ways Evernote Is An Entrepreneur's Best Friend

Despite great appreciation for technology, I love using good old fashioned pen and paper. However, you have to admit, paper alone is not sufficient anymore. That started my quest for a way to store all my little bits and pieces of information.
I found Evernote rather quickly, but couldn't really see how it benefited me until I shifted my thinking. Evernote is not just a note-taking application it's your personal information stash. Your virtual shoe box of information.
Since then, everything that needed to be remembered is dumped into Evernote. As a solo entrepreneur, that's a lot. Curious how exactly it can be your best buddy? This is how.
1. Receipt keeper - Ah, those pesky receipts. Lose them and the accountant chews you up. That's just half of it. They take up space and there's just no good way to store those things until now. Simply have them scanned into Evernote.
2. Save software licenses. If you purchase software online, you are familiar with the terse emails containing those precious keys. Emails worth hundreds of dollars. I forward these license keys to Evernote for various reasons. It is a lot easier to find them when needed versus wading through years of email archives. It also serves as a backup copy.
It's not only for online purchases either. I take photos of all the keys for physical software and upload the snapshots to Evernote.
3. Write, edit and save bios. This can be my bio, bios of partners. Even pictures are stored in a note creatively called - Bio. I try to appear on interviews whenever asked. Sometimes bio requests come in when I'm not at my desk. It's nice to be able to shoot it off and have another thing crossed off the list.
4. Talking about interviews, many times interviewers would ask if there are points we'd like to cover or questions I'd like them to ask me. Evernote is a great app to store these common questions. Since the app is installed on the phone, anytime someone asks a good question, the list can be updated instantly without having to wait till I get home or written on a tiny piece of paper only to be forgotten within the hour.
5. As a swipe file. You've spotted headlines, email subject lines, clever ads or creative products while out and about in town. Instead of saying, I've got to remember that, now you can. A simple click of the camera on the smart phone and it will automatically be saved to Evernote for later.
6. Save business cards. No more stacks of business cards on your desk. The good thing - you can add notes and any conversations you may have had with them in the note. Afraid you won't be able to find them? No worries. Evernote has text recognition abilities. So you can search for information even if they are found in a photo backup evernote.
7. Store equipment information. So, you know you need toner or ink for that printer. You're in the store and what do you know? You forgot the part number and can barely remember the model number. If you had saved it to Evernote, you'd have it in your phone. Bye-bye wasted trips to the store.
Can you see how this amazing free tool can help you in the everyday running of your business? Once you start using it and begin off-loading all your stuff into Evernote, you'll figure out more ways to use and appreciate it even more.