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What Escort Work is and What it is Not


There are many misconceptions about "escort", a job that is often misunderstood. I will attempt to dispel some of the common myths and give you an insight into what it is like to be an Escort.


Misconception #1. "Escort” is just another term for "prostitute."Honestly. An escort is someone who sells your time, undivided and (unspoken) offer to sexual entertainment. You're a prostitute if you sell a specific sexual activity at a fixed price. If the man you're considering dating won't buy you a fancy dinner, then you're a (relatively inexpensive) prostitute.


Some men only see escorts for the sex. Others view escorts openly as offering a variety of sexual activities. Men also value the nonsexual activities that an escort provides. There are many escorts who offer great fun fully dressed. You choose your place among the many possible experiences.


Misconception #2. Escort work focuses on sex.

Honestly: No. Most of your time will be spent managing your business. This includes answering emails, returning calls and updating your Web site. Most escorts aren't able to keep men on call all day. An hourly escort could have as many or as few appointments as she wants in her day. An escort with a multi-hour minimum might have only one appointment per hour or one every other week. Extra-high-end escorts who have multi-day minimums may only need one appointment per month.


Most of the actual sex I experienced during appointments lasted only fifteen minutes. While some men had sex for longer periods of time, or they engaged in extended foreplay, others only lasted minutes and were able to have lots of cuddles. Some men wanted attention more than sex. It is true that you may have more sex than normal, especially if it is an hourly arrangement. Sex will not take up too much time in your business.


Myth #3: I will do whatever the guy asks me to.

Honestly: No. You can present yourself as a professional and set boundaries. Clients will understand that you are a fellow human being and have the right to reject any request that causes them discomfort. Yes, they can take their business elsewhere. That's perfectly fine. There will be many clients who understand that you pay for your time and they don't have the right to require that you do X,Y,Z.


Misconception #4. I will have drugs.

Honestly: No. Your clients are the only people you will ever see if you work independently. It is possible to screen clients sufficiently well that you don't have the need to deal with someone who uses drugs. Being an escort doesn't automatically mean that you must use drugs, alcohol, smoking excessively, modify or alter your body in any way you would normally. You don't have to meet new people who do the same things.


Yes. You will be offered all these opportunities, as well as many other "opportunities," including the chance to appear in porn movies. If you're not interested in the offer, just tell us so. It's as easy as that. If you don't feel capable of handling the job, or if you have to change your mind about working, it is time to leave the company immediately and get a new job, even if it's a minimum wage position. If it is harming you, there is no reason to stay in the business. No matter how much you think, the money is not worth it.


5th Misconception: I won't be allowed to use condoms by men.

Honestly: That's true. No matter what they charge for your time, some guys will never want to give up the condom. It is true that AIDS infection rates are lower in circumcised, heterosexual and non-needle-using males. It is also true that they are less likely to be infected by other STDs. They are also great carriers of many diseases, including HPV (the virus that causes genital Warts). This can lead to cervical cancer.


Section III will cover disease prevention and treatment. However, it is important to remember that just simply because he seems relatively safe around you does not mean that you are completely safe around him. You are not safe from him, not by any stretch. Smart men will be aware of all these facts and will choose condoms. Don't let anyone argue against condom use. If you can't use the nest egg to pay for medicine to ease your way through each day of your new-shortened life, what good is it?


Misconception #6. My clients won't be the men I'd touch in real-life.

Honestly: Sometimes. Most often, however, they are married or older than you consider datable. It is rare to find a client who you don't like if you present yourself well, screen actively, and are truly qualified for this type of work. Although there are unattractive males who contact escorts to help them, there are great-looking men who do so. You must be able look past the physical to see the person within. Both the client and the escort need to know that personality matters. In this business, you will soon realize that you prefer to spend time with a normal-looking man rather than a pretentious jerk.


Misconception #7. I don't think I can even consider this job.

Truthfully, only you can answer this one. The fact that adult women are often victims of emotional trauma and childhood abuse doesn't make them unqualified to work in this field. According to statistics, one in three women will have been sexually molested or abused before age 18. In other words, any field with a dominant female workforce will see a lot of abused women. It is easy to enter the adult sector. This means that many women with severe emotional problems will choose this field. Although they get the most attention because of their squeaky wheels, this is not the only reason women are drawn to this industry. Many women choose to work in the industry for money. Others do it because they enjoy it. Not wanting to be an escort does not mean you are a flawed person.


Misconception #8. All escorts seem dumb.

Honestly: No. It is true that quite a few women in this industry are college-educated. Some even have graduate degrees. The general rule of thumb is that the higher educated an escort is, the higher her rate. Why not? She has the intelligence and confidence to profit from the market. She knows that smart, attractive women are more likely to be hired than sexy and intelligent women. This is not a place where you can be a dumbass. Even escorts who aren't able to write a straight sentence will try to make it seem more educated than what they really are. Nearly all escorts realize that this is a business in which female intelligence is rewarded.


Myth #9: To make money, I must be blonde with big boobs and be thin.

Honestly: No. It would be a great way to get started. However, many successful escorts, some of the most well-known, are natural-breasted brunettes. Big boobs matter quite a bit if you're a stripper. For an escort, they are much less important. They aren't just a pair of mammaries on their faces, they're paying for the entire package. Many men prefer natural breasts over lumpy, under-skin implants. Even if your breasts seem too small for you, men will still love them. Men have a hardwired instinct to love breasts.


Men prefer real women with feminine features. In sex and men, hips never go out of style. It is true, physically fit women are more popular than those who are not. Women who are very overweight have a harder time getting into the business. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that they don't have any market. While size does matter in a magazine, it is not as important as it is in a fashion magazine.


Section II contains more details about your appearance.


Misconception #10

It is true. It can be just as time-consuming if you view it as a business. It can be part-time, or full-time depending on your schedule. However, it will take up a lot of your time. People (mostly men) are jealous of the easy money. It's not easy money. It can be quick and it can be great, but it is never easy.


As with any job in adult industry, escort work can be a very real job. The adult industry can be a fail or success world. You cannot fake your way through it. You can either be present and doing your job, OR you can't. You won't be paid if your aren't there. This job is extremely real. It will have serious implications on your life. It doesn't matter if other people don't see the inside like you do, it does not diminish the reality of the work.