Axonify’s New Employee Engagement Stats Shows growth in Learning
Axonify’s New Employee Engagement Stats Shows growth in Learning
Despite COVID-19 Disruption, High Engagement on Axonify’s Frontline Training Platform Reveals Shifting Content Based on Fluidity of Pandemic

Axonify, a leader in frontline employee training, today revealed key employee engagement insights from its digital training solution since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March. Despite extraordinary disruption in frontline-focused industries, including retail, hospitality, food service and contact centers, due to lockdowns, furloughs, updated safety protocols and changing business priorities, Axonify learning engagement remained strong with 60 percent of its users completing regular training from March through July 2020.

“The global frontline workforce has really been put to the test during COVID-19 with incredible demands on continuing to further the customer experience in a safe and compliant manner,” said Axonify CEO Carol Leaman. “As the workforce roles have changed, our data reveals the frontline employees that did have access to training were incredibly committed to training and acquiring the most relevant knowledge to do their jobs safely and efficiently.”

Axonify data shows frontline employees in North America completed an additional 3 million daily training sessions during the five-month period. This is on top of the average 2 to 3 training sessions completed per user per week on the platform. This extra training resulted in a 10 percent increase in employee knowledge across a range of essential of topics, including health and safety, customer experience and company processes. For example, employees improved their knowledge of proper handwashing by 15+ percent.

Working in partnership with clients around the world, Axonify rapidly expanded its frontline-focused content marketplace to include new topics based on immediate business needs. In the early stages of the pandemic, this effort was focused on topics such as hygiene, sanitization and change management. More recently, the topics have shifted to include improving frontline communications, customer service, mental health and reducing stress. A total of 21 million learning questions were answered by Axonify users from March through July 2020 based on more than 20 new COVID-19-related topics.

Messaging and mobile device usage have also increased dramatically as companies seek to keep their frontline employees updated on business changes, even when they are away from work. From May through July 2020, messaging volume increased 35 percent. 77 percent of Axonify training sessions were completed on a mobile device during this three-month period

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