Automatic Payroll Systems Inc. Earns 4 Awards From Comparably
Automatic Payroll Systems Inc. Earns 4 Awards From Comparably
APS is being recognized for their commitment to their employees with four awards from Comparably

Automatic Payroll Systems, Inc. (APS), a provider of best-in-class workforce management technology, is featured in the Comparably 2020 Workplace Awards. APS has earned four company culture awards: Best Work-Life Balance, Best Perks & Benefits, Best Compensation, and Happiest Employees.

APS ranked in the top 25 small and mid-sized companies for Happiest Employees, and Best Work-Life Balance. APS also ranked in the top 50 organizations for Best Compensation and Perks & Benefits. APS was the only Louisiana-based organization to win any of the four company culture awards.

“I’m thankful that our employees have taken the time to make their voices hear and provide honest reviews about their work experiences,” said Aaron Johnson, CEO and President at APS. “Their feedback tells me that we are heading in the right direction and also gives me ideas for how we can improve.”

The Happiest Employees award was based on anonymous ratings from employees about their work satisfaction, and happiness with their work environment.

“Happiness at work is an important metric that should be used when determining who we want to work for and how we want to work,” said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar. “Providing your workforce with a positive environment, clear goals they can be invested in, and a comprehensive compensation package is a winning formula for the top-rated companies on our Happiest Employees list.”

The Best Work-Life-Balance award was based on employee sentiment ratings about average hours worked per day, breaks at work, and overall life balance.

  • 91% of the top-rated small/mid-sized companies said they were satisfied with their wAutomatic Payroll Systems Inc. Earns 4 Awards From Comparablyork-life-balance on Comparably compared to 68% of employees site-wide.

The Best Perks & Benefits award was given after employees answered questions like, ” How would you rate the perks your office provides?” and “Do your benefits play a part in you staying at the company?”

  • 92% of small/mid-size companies said they were happy with their perks and benefits on Comparably, compared to only 68% of employees site-wide.

Meanwhile, the Best Compensation rankings were determined based on a series of questions related to employee pay, and bonus structure.

These Comparably Awards were derived from sentiment ratings provided by employees who anonymously rated their employers on Comparably during a 12-month period: September 27, 2019-September 27, 2020. There were no fees or costs associated with participating, nor was nomination required.

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