7 Top Tips on How to Make Money Blogging on WordPress
7 Top Tips on How to Make Money Blogging on WordPress
If you use WordPress and want to learn how to make money from it then you will really like this little gem that I use religiously to make money every day.

Follow this Sacred 7 tips that I use every day.

Tip 1:

Create your site loved by search engines. This means that you need to find phrases used online, and with little competition but with enough search volumes to make it valuable (at least 1000 proper searches every month).

Write your post with the expression in mind. Make sure the phrase is in the title and once at the post itself, and also set as your tag in your tag list for that post.

Tip 2:

Get SEO plugins. I use all SEO plugins all in one and make your site very loved by regular search engines.

Tip 3:

In the settings page, then to the Permalinks section, set the specific structure to: /% postname% / this makes the post title part of the URL, making it far more friendly search engine.

Tip 4:

The monetization is dear! Get your own AdSense account and Amazon Affiliate account, and finally the Clickbank account. Then find products related to your posts. Ideally find the product first and write a post about it, but it's another story. The tips shown here are far more than enough.

Add your code to the site. Ideally you have to find a large adsense block above every post for the best code placement.

Tip 5:

Promote hecks from him. The best way is to find a high PR website which is a quality site that has dofollow attributes to them. I have a list of several thousand so there is enough to make me continue for years. Get to know about white label managed wordpress hosting via visiting

Then write content for the website and include a hyperlink, aka backlink to your website, use the anchor text as a way to link back to your site. What I mean is this. Don't link to say: Click here if your phrase is a green fat widget. Instead, it is important that your article talks about widgets and in the article says green fat widgets. Create 3 words connected to your blog posts with the same title.

Tip 6:

Do tango! You will find that for several months your website will do what I enjoy calling Google dances. This means you will often end on the page, drop a few pages, return, rank higher and finally settled a few months later.

Tip 7:

Monitor things and keep with sustainable content. Content is king so be sure to add new relevant content to your WordPress blog regularly.

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