24/7 Nursing Agency in Sydney: Home and Community Support
24/7 Nursing Agency in Sydney: Home and Community Support
At DNA, a 24-hour nursing agency in Sydney, you'll find the best home and community support as well as the most appropriate personal care. Take a look at this blog!

As a leading 24/7 nursing agency in Sydney, Dominion Nursing Agency provides supportive, caring, and professionally trained nurses to support all of your nursing and medical needs, whether you need assistance at home or in a medical institution, and even while traveling.

Dominion Nursing Agency specialises in providing the most dependable and suitable home and community support in Sydney. This blog will explain the support and services available via home and community support and how we can assist you, whether you’re at home, in a healthcare facility, or even in your community.

Reliable Nursing Care

DNA has professional and experienced nurses dedicated to providing you with one-on-one nursing care at the safety and comfort of your own home. Our team has registered nurses, enrolled nurses, and assistant nurses, as well as a variety of caregivers and companions, who were all selected to meet your specific needs.

Hospital to Home Care

Hospital treatment may be a stressful event, particularly if you’ve just had surgery. Hospital-to-home care gives clients comfort by ensuring a safe and smooth and comfortable transition.

Dominion Nursing Agency operates 24/7, therefore there is always someone to talk to. We can accompany you to the hospital to make sure any home equipment you need is acquired and ready for your recovery. We can also pick you up from the hospital and ensure you have all your meds and other necessities.

Suitable Personal Care

DNA understands that as we become older, most of us prefer to stay as independent as possible in our own homes. We provide a wide range of personal care assistance, and DNAs caregivers or assistant nurses are skilled and experienced they can help you with the following

  • Showering
  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Toileting
  • Getting into and out of bed
  • Moving around the house
  • Preparation of meals and snacks

Our personal care services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We have been placing staff for over fifteen years. When we assign a staff member, we evaluate not just the nurse’s or experience but also their personality because it is our goal to connect you with the most appropriate caregivers.

DNA also acknowledges that there are patients who are currently recovering or family members who might need a break from caring for them may also need respite for a specified amount of time so that we can support you and your family to keep up with the obligations and responsibilities of maintaining a household.

Get the Best Home and Community Support at DNA, 24/7 Nursing Agency in Sydney

DNA is a 24/7 Nursing Agency in Sydney, and your needs are always our top priority. We provide the most reliable home and community support and the most suitable personal care in your home or your local community. We guarantee that we can give you the best possible care and healthcare staff to support you with your health or personal needs.