Best Music Artist Horace Tempo from South Africa
Best Music Artist Horace Tempo from South Africa
With a focus on being true to himself, HORACE TEMPO has been able to build an audience from scratch that is beginning to rival those who have been in the industry longer than he has.

Music artist Horace tempo

With music a critical component of his early development, Horace Tempo fully entered the domain of its production in 2019, adopting the alias he is now famed for, T E M P O. A fusion of unrelenting creativity and style, T E M P O is an industrious executive music artist Horace tempo and an equally skilled computer engineer with over 15 years of experience under his belt.

Born Horace Wangnin Saizonou, the Beninese music producer and musician, Horace Tempo, blew into the music space and in a little time, he has not only carved a niche of his own but has built a cult following that has devoutly identified with his musical identity and are willing to walk with him on his journey.