How a phone strap can make your flight safer and more comfortable
How a phone strap can make your flight safer and more comfortable
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Phone Strap You Need for Your Flight can make your flight safer and more comfortable. By keeping your phone out of reach, you’ll be less tempted to check it constantly, which will help you relax and enjoy your flight. Similarly, a strap can make it easier to use your phone as a tool for learning or escaping boredom by limiting your screen time. If you’re planning a trip soon, we recommend giving a cell phone strap a try!

If you're flying anytime soon, you're going to want to invest in a quality phone strap. After all, your phone is your lifeline to the outside world, and you'll need it to stay charged for the entirety of your flight. But how long does the average cell phone battery last per charge?

According to CNET, the average cell phone battery lasts between two and four hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged. However, this can vary depending on your phone's make and model. So, it's always best to err on the side of caution and bring a charger or extra battery pack with you, just in case.

And speaking of battery life, another essential for any flight is a Best Password Manager for Chrome, Android & phone. After all, you'll likely be connecting to Wi-Fi in unfamiliar places, and you don't want to risk your personal information being compromised.

There are a lot of great password managers out there, but our favorites for Chrome, Android, and phone are Last Pass, Dash lane, and 1Password, respectively. Each of these provides a robust set of features, including the ability to generate strong passwords, store them securely, and sync them across multiple devices.

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