3 Essential Steps to Follow Before Submitting Your Mobile For Repair
3 Essential Steps to Follow Before Submitting Your Mobile For Repair
Before you send your mobile phone for repairs, there are 3 essential steps you must follow. Go through this article to know those steps in detail.

Despite your best efforts, it’s still possible for you to harm your smartphone. Severe damage may require you to send your equipment to a service center for repairs.

But before you opt for mobile phone repairs in Sydney, there are a number of steps that must be followed. Scroll down and take a look at those.

Remove your SIM card

Even though it may seem obvious, it is still important to the state. It’s a good idea to always have the SIM ejector tool available in case you need to hand over your cell phone. Even if you shift from an Android mobile, you can still use your current SIM card on any other mobile phone.

Remove security locks

You should disable it if it uses a PIN, a patterned lock, or biometric authentication. This will make it simple for the professionals working on your mobile to test the functionality of your phone after they think they have it all fixed.

Users of Android: To remove the Password, patterned lock, or any other barrier you have installed, navigate to Settings -> Security & lock screen -> Lock screen.

Backup & reset

You can reset your smartphone if it has any important documents on it before giving it to a mobile phone repair service. Before continuing, make sure you have a complete backup of your Android device. But make sure you also carry a note of your device’s IMEI and registration numbers. This gives you assurance if you suspect fraud when having your phone repaired. Users of Android devices can record the serial number and IMEI information by going to Settings -> About Phone.

These are the 3 essential steps to follow before submitting your mobile for repair. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends, and get back to us for more posts like this!

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