India’s Top 10 Hot Air Oven Manufacturers and Supplier
India’s Top 10 Hot Air Oven Manufacturers and Supplier
Hot Air Oven is a unique test cabinet designed to detect the change in the physical characteristics of the material and to ascertain the actual working life of the testing device at elevated temperature.

Hot Air Oven by Presto

We believe that you will be delightfully surprised to see some of the latest innovations in both concept and design. We will be happy to supply this Hot Air Oven at your convenience. If you are looking for the best quality Hot air oven to test your product quality, then we suggest that you to go with Presto. Presto is one of the best and trusted testing instruments manufacturer in India.

Presto’s offer fine quality and the best design Hot Air Oven. This testing instrument with a unique test cabinet will be designed to detect the change in physical activities of a material when exposed to high temperatures. Hot air ovens are used for testing food products, pharmaceutical items, and other consumable materials to check their temperature stability during the shelf life.

Introduction to hot air oven

A hot air oven is a type of lab testing instrument that is used to heat up the products at a uniform temperature. A hot air oven is used to sterilize the product in a particular period under specific conditions like humidity, pressure, and other environmental factors. Hot air oven controls the humidity level by removing moisture from the products and combining the airflow with heat.

You can easily sterilize several items in this testing equipment. It includes petri dishes, glassware, powder, materials, and metal equipment. The hot air oven sterilizes the product by keeping them in an incubator at a particular temperature for few hours. It will effectively destroy microorganisms and bacteria present in the product along with their spores to keep them free from contamination. Hot air ovens can be used for a wide range of products like food, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.


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