EOT Crane Manufacturers
EOT Crane Manufacturers
Material handling is an important and integral part of industry. Where lifting and shifting or lowering of materials take place constantly.

What are EOT Crane Equipment?

EOT Crane Equipment comes in different sizes and types. Some of them are single girders, double girders, and tower cranes. The double girder EOT crane is very simple to operate and has an eight-wheel arrangement. In addition, these cranes are easy to maintain.

Overhead EOT Double Girder Crane

An Overhead EOT Double Girder Crane is a heavy-duty crane that is suitable for moving heavy loads. This type of crane is suitable for both industrial and mining processes. It is suitable for working in corrosive gases and high-temperature materials. Its work level varies from A5 to A6 according to the loading rate and frequency of work. It also has advantages like low dead weight and low noise.

It is fabricated from various raw materials including MS Sheets, I-beam, brakes, etc. This type of crane is in great demand today. There is a continuous demand for Overhead cranes in various fields including construction and manufacturing. Overhead crane manufacturers provide a wide range of models that can be used for different applications. Their high reliability and low maintenance cost make them popular in the market.

Tower Crane

EOT crane manufacturers provide equipment designed to lift a variety of loads. The equipment has several parts, including a jib, counter jib, and hook block. The jib carries the trolley and hook, while the counter jib holds counterweights in place.

Tower cranes are often used in buildings that are too high for humans to climb. They can lift and lower heavy loads and move large blocks of material from one floor to another. A tower crane can also be used in crowded areas, so it's important to select a site with enough room for the crane.

Lifting capacity

The lifting capacity of EOT cranes is the capacity of a crane to lift a given amount of weight. It depends on the length and radius of the boom. The capacity of a crane can be measured using a load chart. The load chart is unique to each crane. If a company owns several different cranes, it may need dozens or even thousands of load charts.

When choosing an EOT crane, one must keep the lifting capacity in mind. Generally, the lifting capacity of single girder EOT cranes is less than a double girder EOT crane. These single girder cranes are usually used for short work periods.


Preventive maintenance is an essential aspect of crane manufacturers' equipment operations. The correct preventive maintenance schedule is designed to minimize the risk of equipment failure and maximize its service life. The preventive maintenance plan should be customized for the specific type and use of equipment. Performing routine checks and cleanings will prevent problems before they occur and will maximize the equipment's reliability and safety.

Regular inspections should include an evaluation of the crane's structural integrity. This includes checking the wire ropes, tracks, crawler, boom sections, and outrigger supports. It is also important to check the load and condition of the crane. Outriggers should be adjusted and extended according to manufacturer recommendations. Inspections should be performed daily, but the frequency of these inspections will depend on the type of use, level of service, and environment in which the crane will be used.