Calibrated Plywood | Gurjone Ply
Calibrated Plywood | Gurjone Ply
Calibrated plywood is a new type of engineered plywood that has recently gained popularity. Calibrated plywood, as opposed to regular plywood, has a thinner veneer and a more uniform thinness or thickness throughout its thickness.

Calibrated Plywood | Gurjone Ply


A few applications in the furniture business generally request quality, strength, and constancy in the development material. What's more, searching for this sort of extreme and durable plywood variation could be an exceptionally intriguing undertaking. In any case, with calibrated plywood, things have become a lot more straightforward and less complex in such manner.


Calibrated plywood is another kind of designed plywood that has as of late acquired fame. Calibrated plywood, instead of standard plywood, has a more slender facade and a more uniform thickness. This makes it ideal for projects requiring an incredibly smooth surface, like cupboards or ledges. The thickness of calibrated plywood is uniform, which can be achieved fully supported by present day machines.


What is calibrated Plywood?


Calibrated plywood is the most current sort of plywood, delivered utilizing state of the art machines to guarantee uniform thickness and equality, making it ideal for post-overlay processes and the production of secluded furnishings. The predominant adjustment process likewise brings about a super-smooth surface, making it a number one in the business!


For a really long time, the plywood business has utilized wasteful cycles and obsolete hardware to deliver shoddy plywood for the country. We can now deliver top notch items without depending on imports from China, Indonesia, or Russia on account of Calibrated Plywood. Calibrated plywood is an industry number one and has extra advantages over customary plywood, provoking individuals to change from ordinary plywood to calibrated plywood for greatness in current items rapidly.




Due for its unequaled potential benefits and advantages, calibrated plywood has turned into the favored selection of manufacturers and carpenters. Calibrated plywood requires profoundly trend setting innovations as well as hardware. Calibrated plywood is a sort of plywood that is delivered utilizing a two-way squeezing framework.


Incredibly smooth completion


You don't need to sand the calibrated plywood completely to accomplish an even and smooth completion. Calibrated plywood is a great decision for making furniture and secluded things since it has a super-smooth completion that considers simple post-overlay and post-framing.


Predictable Thickness


In the event that you need plywood with a uniform thickness and no lopsidedness, calibrated plywood is the best approach. Calibrated Plywood is every now and again utilized in the development of secluded kitchens and wooden cupboards.


Incredibly dependable


The furnishings and cupboards produced using calibrated plywood are totally solid. The calibrated plywood's unrivaled quality facade and glues give uniform strength and toughness.




BWP-affirmed gurjone calibrated plywood BWP represents bubbling waterproof grade, and that implies that plywood sheets with BWP marks are bubbling waterproof as per industry principles. They can endure delayed water and dampness openness. gurjone offers unique calibrated plywood of extraordinary quality that will endure everyday hardship. Kindly make it a point to us on the off chance that you require a customized citation or have any inquiries.


Fabricating Interaction

Gurjone keeps up with its predominance in the calibrated plywood industry by utilizing first in class, very good quality, four-stage "Hot-Cold" press innovation.


On our exceptional water powered press, we initially play out a virus push on the wood facade.

The chilly squeezed facade are then hot-squeezed in the subsequent step.

Utilizing a virus press, press the face facade to the recently squeezed facade.

Following the past advances, we play out a hot-press with face facade.


Subsequently, the plywood is genuinely a-list, with insignificant center holes and complete straightness.


We then continue to our famous alignment, which incorporates the most forefront sanding hardware, to guarantee that each Gurjone calibrated plywood item that raises a ruckus around town is unmatched in thickness and uniformity, with a super-smooth completion. The last review figures out any defects to give you, our clients, with incomparable accuracy.


This undying devotion keeps our calibrated plywood at the highest point of the load, as well as the affection we get has provoked the remainder of the business to leave lower-quality wood for genuinely calibrated plywood.


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