Why one should consider Vaastu before buying arts?
Why one should consider Vaastu before buying arts?
Art has helped thousands of generations to express their stories and emotions in a timeless way. Art comprises all kinds of human, natural, metaphysical, imaginative, and scenic views. Various designs, paintings, sculptures,

Why one should consider Vaastu before buying arts?


Vaastu comes from uniting two Sanskrit words, Vaas meaning 'live' and Tu meaning 'you'; hence, Vaastu is the mixture of the scientific and spiritual form of architecture and construction that helps in providing a convivial and compatible environment that's peaceful and healthy to your personal and social living and work environment Vaastu shastra is the knowledge of our immediate environment that amalgamates all of the five elements Earth: Bhoomi, Water: Jala, Fire: Agni and Space: Akasha.

At one place and harmonize them with the human and the spiritual. It is the delicate art of bringing together natural settings or a place to reside or toils, making the most of the blessings bestowed by the "Paanchbhootas," also known as the five elements of nature, consequently creating the path for betterment in all aspects of health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in your own comfortable surroundings.

Vaastu Shastra has become a fundamental aspect of Indian architecture, having its web woven deep in Indian Philosophy, religion, geography, geology, maths, and reckons various factors that regulate and studies factors such as the topography of the place, roads, and structures that are nearby, the effect of the sun's heat and light, the metaphysical field, other cardinal directions, the energy of the Earth itself and other forces of nature.

How is Vastu related to your home?

Archaeologists In Haryana recently came across cave paintings and tools in Mangar Bani hill forest. The paintings found on the walls of these caves are estimated to be around 100,000 years old. Evidently, art has been a part of our society and culture since prehistoric times.

Art has helped thousands of generations to express their stories and emotions in a timeless way. Art comprises all kinds of human, natural, metaphysical, imaginative, and scenic views. Various designs, paintings, sculptures, and various other kinds of art can and do influence our thoughts when they are frequently in close proximity to us.

Often or not, we incline towards surrounding ourselves with art that only serves the purpose of being magnificent eyesight, almost always completely overlooking that art also plays an active role in casting our behavioral and decision-making tendencies.

What kind of Paintings should you keep at home, and its impact?

Vaastu tells us that while hanging paintings and artworks, one should be exceptionally cautious because it alters the vibrations and energy in the house Paintings.

The famous seven running horses in Vaastu

The ancient principles of Vaastu left by our forefathers for the benefit of endless life on Earth guide us those horses, more specifically running horses, represent power, victory, harmony, and progress. Therefore, having a seven-horse painting or similar artwork in your home or workplace is a magnificent way to bring positive energy into someone's life. South is often considered the best area to place the painting in your residence. Horse painting The direction of the running horses is associated with speed and prosperity, so it's crucial to remember that the painting isn't facing towards an exit. An office is considered the best for this auspicious painting, repressing progress and growth in business ventures. The strong spirit that radiates from these artworks speaks of great confidence and triumph.

Ensure flow of growth with magnificent aqua art

We all love gorgeous landscape art enhancing the beauty of our main living area. Oceanic scenes, waterfall landscapes, river sceneries are all choices encouraged for introducing a calm and peaceful aura. Flowing water has been long associated with the flow of change and bringing in growth and opportunities for you and your loved ones; scenic blue paintings are also represented with the acquisition of wealth and monetary stability. They are also amazing wall decoration if you are not a huge fan of purchasing painting of horses, North is considered best to place your painting, or you can even place your art at your living room ensuring only good vibrations flowing smoothly towards your life. The Blue color in Vaastu sastra implies devotion to truth and is said to be of great help to people going through great pain. Lighter shades of green are associated with intelligence and are perfect for study rooms, and are said to rejuvenate old and bring forth new ideas.

Stylize your room with lustrous green and mystical forest paintings

Growing plants in lush green and vibrant paintings exhibit strong bonds of togetherness and bloom in a relationship; Vaastu knowledge informs us those plants and vegetation growing in groups show togetherness in the family. Having green color typify hope and speedy healing onto its immediate surroundings. A landscape painting of strong pine trees growing will change your relationship with your loved ones introducing powerful energies of connection and bonding. Landscape paintings with jungle and natural elements are fairly common use such easily available painting to stylize your room by picking points in your art that are in contrast with its surroundings and use the color from those elements to create an aesthetic environment for your room by adding similar colored elements to blend such as improving those colors in curtains and furniture of your room and you'll end up with a color line for your place.

Introduce spirituality and prosperity to your home with Buddha

Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was a great enthusiast for art and has inspired uncountable artists and sculptors ever since. Buddha in our society is a symbol of inner peace and enlightenment through minimalist living. There are various forms of Buddha that suit different locations at a house as the different poses of Buddha are associated with specific nodes of energies. Having a laughing Buddha at the entrance of your home is the symbol of happiness, contentment, and prosperity in knowledge. The spirit of the laughing Buddha prevents arguments from happening. Buddha with an open palm is blessings its surroundings with all five fingers representing the five elements of our world lord Buddha's open palm also ensures protection and willpower to overcome fear. A resting Buddha wall Paintings induces relaxation, and nirvana people seeking emotional harmony often seek transcendence under the shadow of overwhelming calm.

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