White Mundu or Dhotis for Men from MCR - offers!
White Mundu or Dhotis for Men from MCR - offers!
On the day of the Onam celebration, people dress up in their traditional best. One of the most beautiful sites is to see the traditional white dress worn by women and men for its elegance and auspiciousness. The traditional dress of Kerala is white mundu or dhoti with a golden border and a white saree for women. People celebrate Onam function irrespective of their religion.

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Onam is one of the most popular festivals in Kerala. There are so many cultural traditions and practices involved with this grand festival across South India. This festival is celebrated as a harvest festival with lots of enthusiasm wherein they enjoy the exciting boat races, decorations with flowers called pookolams, a mouth-watering feast called Onamsadya, and most importantly a traditional dress Mundu saree or Kerala sari-clad for women and mundu for men, Onam is nothing short of an extravagant festival.

Among all these celebrations, it’s important to dress up in beautiful ethnic wear on this day. The traditional dress code followed during the festivals is basically a white, off-white, or cream saree with a golden border commonly called Kerala Saree for women and Men with a white-colored mundu or dhoti with a golden border combined with a shirt or kurta is the favorite of all men.

Traditional Onam dress for Men is Mundu. It is traditional and casual wear that men of Kerala mostly prefer. On the occasion of onam, white-colored mundu or dhoti with kasavu border combined with a shirt or kurta is the favourite of all men.