White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
Do you have an idea about creating a wallet? lets have a discussion!

White Label Cryptocurrency Development


If you are a person trading in this digital world! You may have come to know about the term “Crypto Wallet” widely used on the current trend, there are more benefits in using the wallet. But importantly the selection of a crypto wallet should be your first step, it might be really a confusing choice to prefer but you need to mainly focus on the security and ease of use of the wallet.


Let's know about CRYPTO WALLET!


Cryptocurrency Wallet

A Crypto wallet is a virtual wallet, where you can store cryptocurrencies, tokens, stablecoins, nfts under your own control. We can list out crypto wallets as hot or cold wallets that have different categories in them, which we will discuss in detail. Hot wallets require an internet facility to access, the digital assets are stored online. 

It can be useful for day-to-day transaction activity nowadays, traders switch to hot wallets as it is user-friendly. Cold wallets do not require an internet facility to access, the cryptocurrency is stored offline so the holder can use it anytime when they need it.


Types of Crypto Wallets

There is a various wallet that comes under hot and cold wallets depending on their specification:


Hot Wallet

Website wallets, Mobile wallets, Desktop wallets all are typically Hot wallets. The wallet will be in the form of an application that can be installed on mobiles and computers. The main hype of this wallet is that it is very easy to use and transact because it is fully done online and widely used on-trend. 


Cold Wallet

Hardware wallets, Paper wallets all are Cold wallets. Users who have a large amount of cryptocurrency mostly use this kind of wallet. These kinds of wallets require a device like a computer. But these wallets take a lot of time to access and need to be carried whenever you need to transact.


Why Do You Need a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Casually, when you trade cryptocurrency in any exchange platform you can leave your crypto at the core wallet exchange and use it again. But Wallets are very necessary when you are considering your assets to be free from hackers, especially while holding large amounts of digital assets for the long term to safeguard.


How to Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

As we know wallets are in the form of hot and cold wallets. For example, Coinbase is a hot wallet and Trezor is a cold wallet. But the choice to use the wallet depends on the traders. 

Now we will have a view on creating the crypto wallet. It involves the following procedures:  


  1. Designing an apt UI for the Crypto Wallet.

  2. Developing Smart Contracts for the core functionalities.

  3. Creating Admin Panel, User Dashboard.

  4. Smart Contract Auditing and Testing.

  5. Integrating Smart Contracts, front end, and back end.

  6. Testing and Bug Fixing in the Wallet.

  7. Releasing Beta Version or Mainnet Deployment.


Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

To initiate a crypto wallet we should have proper planning and follow a set of basic protocols which emerge a proper setup to the client expects the flow of the process is listed in detail,



Designing UI for Crypto Wallet

User Interface plays a main role as it projects how user-friendly it has been designed to operate. It includes all the features added and how fast the process happens while using the applications. For example, we can say Trustwallet, a known popular crypto wallet has good customer support, the wallet has its native token and nearly 160k coins are accepted on any blockchain. These are the main notes of this wallet. Similarly, we can also develop this kind of wallet with more additional advantages as per user desire.


Coding Smart Contracts for the Core Functionalities

Smart contracts are just programs that run on a blockchain that executes a set of functions when predominant conditions are met. In a crypto wallet, digital assets are used and controlled through a smart contract with the help of given coded functionality. It gives users more control over their assets


Creating Admin Panel, User Dashboard


Admin Panel: The entire activity of a wallet is managed by the admin. so we need to create a login to access the wallet which requires basic information of the user. 


User Dashboard: The list of user’s tasks will be displayed in the user dashboard like Balance, Outlook, Transaction, Cashflow, and so on. We can also add extra features depending on the user's needs.


Smart Contract Auditing and Testing

The Audit and Test process for a smart contract is to examine and analyze the smart contract’s code to check whether the smart contract functions effectively. This mainly focuses to reduce the errors in code, security vulnerabilities, and testing involves the individual functions how they process while using the wallet. 


Integrating Smart Contracts, Front end, and Back end

As the whole trading process is done with the Smart Contracts, So in an application, the Frontend communicates with the browser where the user operates, and the Backend communicates with the web server here both the activities are integrated with the smart contract for the whole crypto wallet to work. This is one of the important sections in developing a wallet.


Testing and Bug Fixing in the Wallet

Due to a large number of codings involved, there might be a bug while testing the wallet

To overcome these bugs, bug tools like Backlog, Bugherd, etc are used to record, track the bug and improve the quality of the product.


Releasing Beta Version or Mainnet Deployment

In simple terms, the Beta version is the experimental use of the application to test the features. This beta version will be made available to a set of community people or to all to test the new features available in the application. During the beta version, the users can provide their feedback to the developers. Once the application is ready now it will be deployed for everyone to use. 


How To Use a Crypto Wallet?

As a user, it's your preference about creating the wallet in Hot or Cold wallets. Let's discuss the procedures involved to use a crypto wallet, 


To Use a Hot Wallet: 

  • First, install the application on your device.

  • Create your account.

  • Have a mark on your password and private key generated.

  • Transfer your cryptocurrency to the wallet.


To Use a Cold Wallet:

  • Get a Hardware Device.

  • Install the application to the Device.

  • Trade your cryptocurrency.




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