Where I can invest in the US, with a budget of 50k USD?
Where I can invest in the US, with a budget of 50k USD?
You can visit or use AQQIRE to find the best locations for your planning of purchase. You can see the land properties with a few details or a market summary with the contact person and the things needed for buying. The locations are good and considering the community, also.

When buying a property, please ensure that you have gathered the various required documents needed. Make sure to go around the best and most reliable people for the process to be fast and easy.

Now, good thinking for you to consider investing. It is strenuous to pay property taxes without income-generating activities that could fulfill the payments. In this investment that you will be doing, try to get help from the real estate agent, and get testimonies from a different perspective through a multi-sided platform like AQQIRE services provide.

Moreover, partnering or joining alliances like having loans from mutual funds or REITs and crowdfunding is good to consider but make sure that you go with trustworthy people with good transactions for good returns.