What Can't Be Missing for A Long-Distance 900 MHz Drone
What Can't Be Missing for A Long-Distance 900 MHz Drone
Long-range drones are increasingly present on the market, being used in military operations and agriculture, and the range of said drones is connected to its signal frequency, for example, a 900 MHz drone can reach a distance between 7 and 10 km.

WhatCan't Be Missing for A Long-Distance 900 MHz Drone

Long-rangedrones are increasingly present on the market, being used in militaryoperations and agriculture, and the range of said drones is connected to itssignal frequency, for example, a 900 MHz drone can reach a distance between 7and 10 km. In general, the higher the frequency, the farther the drone can go.When operated in large centers that have interference from other frequencies,such as radio, TV, and cell phone, this distance can have a considerable drop.

Thecombo with the FrSky 900MHz R9M 2019 transmitter module and FrSky R9 MX Long range receiveris the best on the market for building a 900 MHz drone. The quality ofthese products, pioneers in the industry, provides long-range and moreefficient flights when compared to other modules and receivers.

Both theFrSky ACCESS R9M 2019 Long Range Module System and the FrSky R9 MX can bepurchased at HorusRC’s online shop ( for just $29.99 and $19.99,respectively.


TheFrSky 900MHz R9M 2019 consists of a module system with 4 RF power outputs, theR9M can also be used together with another receiver, which provides greatersafety for the flight of your aircraft.

Thedifferent power output ports allow you to choose the ideal power for eachflight situation. The RF power can be 10mW, 100mW, 500mW, and 1W, and at alllevels, the use of telemetry is supported. An intelligent port is used for thetransmission of telemetry data.

LongRange Transmitter Module FrSky R9M 2019 900MHz

Long-range, low latency, and high precisionare the characteristics of the FrSky 900MHz R9M 2019. R9M's power supply is 6.5~ 13V. Modulations can be PXX or CPPM, being detected automatically. The R9M iscompatible with all R9 series receivers. The frequency varies between 868 ~ 900MHz. The operating range reaches 10 Km, perfect for the 900 MHz drone used onlong distances.

Pin-inand Pin-Out overview of the R9M 2019.

TheSmart Port (S. Port) present in the 900MHz R9M is a digital transmissioninterface developed especially by FrSky. In all products that contain SmartPort, user data from the serial port and other user input and output devicescan be connected without limitations for numbers or sequences at hightransmission speed, which is very important for a 900 MHz RC drone.


Themodule works with 3 failsafe modes: No Pulse, Hold, and Custom. In the firstmode, when a signal loss occurs, the receiver does not produce pulses on anychannel. The Hold function consists of making the aircraft maintain its lastposition after the loss of signal (when the failsafe mode is activated). Incustom mode, the aircraft will move to the predefined position after a signalloss.


TheFrSky R9 MX, another product of great relevance for the construction of a 900MHz drone, consists of an enhanced version of the other receivers in the R9 MMseries, making it compatible with more external devices, providing an invertedS.Port output and supporting the use with other receivers. In addition, it hassolder points to connect 4 PWM channels.

FrSkyR9 MX.

Theimproved design proves to be more robust, compact, and durable and, togetherwith synchronization with the latest ACCESS firmware, can be used to the truepotential of ACCESS. The frequency varies between 868 ~ 915Mhz. Its dimensionis 18 x 12 x 3.2mm and its weight is only 3.2g. The operating voltage is 3.5V ~10V and the operating current is 100mA at 5V. The R9 MX also supports OTAfunctions.

The MXdifferential for other FrSky receivers, in the SX and Stab line, is in theinverted S.Port output, signal redundancy, and super low latency. The range ofcontrol and telemetry can reach an impressive 10 km. The compatibility of theMX is confirmed with the receivers R9M Lite, R9M Lite Pro, and R9M 2019 withthe firmware ACCESS. This receiver can be obtained together with the R9M moduleor individually at!


Investmentin these products is recommended. The combined use of the FrSky 900MHz R9M 2019transmitter module with the FrSky R9 MX receiver will provide a safe,long-range flight and will bring an upgrade to your drone. The installationdoes not require any secrets and its use is very intuitive. These productsstand out among others found on the market.

Qualitytechnology, very well-developed features, and fail-safe are some of thebenefits found in the FrSky 900MHz R9M 2019 transmitter module combo with theFrSky R9 MX receiver. If your goal is to build a 900 MHz drone for largeranges, these two items cannot be missing. FrSky is a brand of extreme quality andtrust and its products can be found at!