Wainlux Announces Launch of the L6 10W Laser Engraver!
Wainlux Announces Launch of the L6 10W Laser Engraver!
Wainlux L6 Laser Engraver

Wainlux, fueled by innovation, announces the release of the L6 laser engraving and cutting machine. The L6 10W laser module operates at speeds of up to 9000 mm/min, which allows it to cut through linden wood boards that are a maximum of 8 mm thick. This way, the cutting is twice as thick as the 5W laser module.  


Wainlux offers a laser beam is 0.08mm x 0.06mm, and the machine produces fine detail work allowing the focusing of objects by a knob in a single, quick process - not having to lift your pencil and focus manually to save your work and make your creation simpler. 


The 10W laser module makes it easier to cut through thicker materials. It can cut through a 6mm wood board with one pass and engraves patterns on objects as hard as stainless steel. 


Furthermore, you can go up to one pass 6mm thick linden wood and 4.5mm black acrylic. And this machine's optional air pump attachment will decrease the yellow edge of the wood, making it even thicker wood.


It offers real-time preview capabilities with a one-touch knob-based one-step focus. It is available to store the previous engraving and cutting data and doesn't need to reset each time an object is engraved or cut. 


Limit switches for automatic boundary recognition - X and Y axis limit switches can accurately position the working coordinates of the laser head to prevent the machine from collisions and extend its lifespan, including an eye protection orange panoramic 360o filter hood that filters 97% of UV light, safer to use. 


The L6 engraver will stop working immediately. Such as Tilt Protection if you're working at an unsafe angle.


Plus, with a power rating of 80W RMS, all project parts (even very fine details) are created quickly and precisely. 


Wainlux L6 Laser Engraver is intuitive and easy to use; it has been upgraded from open-source software (Lightburn & LaserGRBL) and supports offline engraving with the Wainlux software. 


It can be used on Android and iOS, as well as Windows or Mac OSX. In addition, it has passed FDA and FCC certifications. 


Further developed from the previous generation, Wainlux L6 comes at an affordable price ($699 for a first-generation model), making its ease of use even greater! It will satisfy any DIY enthusiast looking for new thrills in life! 


About Wainlux!


Wainlux is a fast-growing technology company specializing in designing, manufacturing and distributing laser engraving and cutting solutions. 


They are committed to providing individuals with excellent products that will bring out the best in them - from artisans and engineers to workshops and small businesses or even parents looking to personalize gifts for their children.