Vlad Nov - Top Web Development Trends 2021
Vlad Nov - Top Web Development Trends 2021
Web Development Trends

f you fail to keep up with these, be prepared to have serious consequences for your business. Why? You’ll be losing traffic to other websites that deliver better user value & experience.

Web development is the entire process of building & maintaining websites. And the task is easier said than done. Besides having a basic understanding of building a website, web developers such as Vlad Nov also need to keep the marketing goals and the target audience of a business in mind. 

The only way to remain at the top of your game is by staying abreast with the web development trends in your business niche. Here are the top three trends that you absolutely must know:

Progressive Web Apps:

This year, PWAs will replace generic web apps for good. Big brands like Uber, Starbucks, Twitter, and Pinterest are already unleashing the power of such apps.

Single-Page Applications:

These are JavaScript-based web apps that load one HTML page in the browser & update content dynamically, as required. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are reaping the full benefits of SPAs.

Serverless Architecture:

Through this, no administration is required while the code is being run on any type of backend service or application. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are the forerunners who took the advantage.

Now that you know the three top web development trends, pass the candle and share the knowledge with all your colleagues. You can thank Vlad Nov later.