Top Golfer Sings The Praises Of CBD. And You Too Can Feel Like A Champion
Top Golfer Sings The Praises Of CBD. And You Too Can Feel Like A Champion
Top Golfer Sings The Praises Of CBD. And You Too Can Feel Like A Champion


Whatever your game may be, years of competition can often take their toll. When you take to the field, head out on the track, or play a round of golf, it can be a stressful business.

There can be so much expectation, the pressure can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is hardly surprising many sportspersons or athletes may be looking for the right solution, to help them deal with stress or anxiety, as well as overcoming injury.

It has been reported boxers are using CBD to aid in their recovery. However, are you aware many players on the golfing circuit; including champions and major winners, are also advocating the use of CBD?

As a matter of fact, so many golfers are singing the praises of Cannabidiol, they have become part of what is known as `golf’s CBD camp.` They include the Americans Lucas Glover and Bubba Watson, who play on the PGA Tour, and have both turned to CBD to help with their golf game.

Now, it has been reported, the newest member of golf`s CBD camp is Catriona Matthew OBE. The 51-year-old star of the Ladies European Tour, born in Edinburgh, plays on the LPGA Tour, based in the States. She was also captain of the Solheim Cup team, representing Europe, and is now speaking out on the merits of CBD.

She was a little unsure initially, concernedabout using a substance sourced from the cannabis plant, and any possible safety or legal issues surrounding Golfers CBD.

However, after researching the subject, her mind was put at ease. Especially after learning CBD products are completely lawful in the UK and had been given the seal of approval by the World Anti-Doping Agency for over two years.

Miss Matthew now believes, in time, using CBD will be as commonplace as sportsmen and women drinking protein shakes and having fitness workouts.

The champion golfer has been using CBD for around six months, and now serves as a product development adviser and brand ambassador. She has stated how CBD has helped with her fitness and recovery, as well as dealing with nerves and improving her game.

Catriona Matthew has spoken of how taking CBD has changed her life. So, if you wish to experience the positive effects of Cannabidiol first-hand, check out the incredible selection from Regenerate CBD. Why not see for yourself what puts us top of the leader board, and above the competition?