Things You Must Know About Transport Assistance For NDIS Participants
Things You Must Know About Transport Assistance For NDIS Participants
There are a few important things you must know about transport assistance for NDIS participants. For that, you must read this article carefully.

People have to take a cab, public bus, train, aeroplane and other modes of transport to travel from one place to another. It helps them to perform their daily activities and makes it easy to reach their destination without any stress or making a hard effort. For people who are disabled and need support to travel from one place to another for them, NDIS is offering transport assistance in Adelaide.

The NDIS registered service providers are helping disabled people and offering transportation support so that they can easily visit their friends, relatives and family, attend events and school, go to their workplace, and travel safely interstate and overseas without having to worry or take any kind of stress. Now before you come to any conclusion it is important to understand what transport assistance is offered to the disabled people.

Types Of Transport Assistance For NDIS Support

If you will look then you will come to know that the NDIS provides four different kinds of transport assistance for NDIS participants. If you want to get an idea about it then you must check the points that are mentioned below.

  • Private Transport Assistance: In this, the participants can easily book a private cab to pick them up from their location and drop them safely right on time to their destination. The participants can also book a customised vehicle that is specially designed to offer transportation services to disabled people.
  • Public Transport Assistance: The NDIS funds for public transport when the participants travel either by train or bus. The participants can also take their helper or supporter with them while travelling. 
  • Community Transport Assistance: In this, they will have to travel in a group with other NDIS participants in a bus, Volvo or van. A wheelchair is provided to make their journey easy and comfortable. The vehicle will stop at many destinations to pick up and drop off the participants.
  • Shared Transport Assistance: When the participants request the NDIS to help them in finding the other participants who are travelling to the same destination. Once the officials find the NDIS participants, they arrange for the vehicle and make the necessary transportation arrangements for the participants. 


You can take the help of professional and registered NDIS service providers in Adelaide who specialise in offering quality service.