The organizational approach of DevOps has shown its significance across industries.


The organizationalapproach of DevOps has shown its significance across industries. The grit stemsfrom its ability to speed up deployments while simplifying maintenance ofexisting systems. Best practices, automation, and other tools aid thisapproach. It based on controlled iterations. In its initial phase, it includesreal time monitoring, collaboration platforms, and incident response systems.All these are enveloped in a CI/CD (continuous integration and continuousdelivery) philosophy.

·        Accordingto IDC, the market is expected to reach a value of $6.6 Billion in 2022.

·        The valuewas at $2.9 Billion in 2017.

The main factors thatare driving this growth are software-driven innovation, microservice-basedarchitecture, and collaborative operational processes along with automatedapplication development. Enterprises are heavily investing in all thesespheres.

·        The CAGRexpected to be exhibited from 2018 to2023 is 30.9%.

·        UpGuardhas estimated that 63% of all CI/CD adoptionscomplement software development.

·        55% of all the companies that have ventured into this space observed bettercollaboration and increased cooperation between teams.

·        38% of the companies agree that their code production quality has alsoskyrocketed.

In this space, we willbe discussing the benefits associated with deployments and how this perceptioncan redefine the future of this philosophy. We will then marry these insightsto understand why a majority of businesses necessitate DevOps consulting. Let us start with the benefits.



1)     Automating your way into efficiency

It isessentially a set of practices that fuels business transformation. It is allabout structural furtherance that aids process and a cultural shift. The globalautomation market for digital processes was at $6.77 Billion in 2018. After experiencing a CAGR of 13.3% from 2018 to 2023, the market is set to reach $12.61 Billion by 2023. Automatingrecurring tasks is a sine-qua-non for companies operating in this space. Italso promotes an enhanced sense of collaboration between teams allowing toachieve bigger business goals.


2)     End-to-end optimization

PatrickDebois, the initiator of this philosophy always believed that the insights thatone can gain through this is its biggest positive. Dwelling productively onsuch insights can avoid optimization of IT silos and prove beneficial for theentire system. In other words, a comprehensive and holistic improvement occurs.It lets businesses be extra adaptive and align with its customers in adata-driven manner.


3)     Speedy stable software

Thereare 5 predictors for development and operational success. This includes leadtime, frequency of deployment, availability, time to restore, and change fail.Focusing on these parameters, the “Accelerate State of DevOps Report” estimatedthat the stability and speed of software deployment are significantly impactedin a positive manner. It is 41% lesstime consuming and requires 21%lesser time to address inconsistencies.

With the benefits laidout, it will be easier to anticipate the future endeavors that might comealong. Now, we move over to the predictions. Let us see what the future willlook like.


·        DevSecOps

Cybersecurity is a drastic concern for businesses of all sizes. The cyber securitymarket was at $156.24 Billion in 2020.From 2020 to 2026, it is expected to have a CAGR of 14.5% and the market value in 2026 is predicted to be $352.25 Billion. This concern hastrickled down to development and operational practices as well and the businesslandscape is seeing an increased adoption of DevSecOps. The market growth isalso reflected in a similar fashion. The DevSecOps market in 2019 was valued at$2.18 Billion. By 2027, the marketwill reach a value of $17.16 Billionafter exhibiting a CAGR of 30.76%from 2020 to 2027.


·        AgileOps

Thelast few years has seen a paradigm shift in the trends to hybrid management andmulti-cloud strategic management. AgileOps is a strategic IT operational modelthat stems from the Agile principles. This gives rise to highly stableapplications.


·        Microservices

Individuallycreated units of the system is rising as a trend. The system may be complex butthe approach makes sure that the deliverables are on time and deadlines areadhered to. It makes the process more feasible both economically and withrespect to resources. This cloud-based market is also showing great promise.According to Markets and Markets, the CAGR to be experienced by the market from2018 to 2023 is 22.4%. This meansthat the market will reach a value of $1880Million by 2023. The valuationstood at $683.2 Million in 2018.


Today’s businesslandscape demands more digital solutions, interconnected devices, and advancedIT systems. From this discussion we can conclude that it is a manner to getthese requirements in a sync and derive the best of all the worlds. This is aproductive method to marry research and innovation with the complete life cycleof application development. Now we reach the essence of this discussion. Whydoes your business demand a DevOps consultant?



·        Feasibility

ImplementingDevOps is not as easy as understanding it. It requires a magnificent grasp ofthe underlying concepts. By feasibility, we do not mean that hiring a professionalteam will be cheap. We are stating that hiring a professional consultant willbe the most cost-effective manner to make the transition. Additionally, if youhave specific business needs or operational nuances in mind, a professionalteam is your best chance for focusing solely on those parts and making surethat resources are not being exhausted counterproductively.


·        An integrated approach

Theentire team has to be on the same page in order to implement it in the mostmeaningful fashion. Inefficient coding methods and practices can incur asignificant amount of technical dept. Following the CI/CD principle can slowlyannihilate this by streamlining operations through a holistic approach. Withthe help of an expert, you can implement processes that ensures that everymember of the team is working in a similar capacity and that bottlenecks areeliminated completely.


·        Proper assessment

Anyconsultant worth their salt will begin the collaboration with a realisticassessment of your company’s current practices and principles. By merging thisunderstanding with the business requirements and the collaboration capacities,the team can guide you in the way CI/CD need to be executed and exercised.Going beyond the obvious benefits, this assessment can also help inunderstanding the overall health and process lubrication of the organization.

CI/CD goes much beyondthe definitions given to it. It can radically refurbish the entire developmentand operational nuances of an entire organization. Siloes become a thing of thepast. And from the above discussion, we have seen that a professional DevOps orDaaS consultant is the most practical strides to take in this direction. Andthat brings us to the end of this discussion. Let us conclude.



Efficiency must be thecore of the operational shade of any business. The “time is money” principleruns deep in the business landscape but have not been absolutely appreciatedand acknowledged by many firms. This is where CI/CD comes in. And it comes inwith a formula for success. Any consultant will be privy to the idea and engagein tasks that are absolutely worthy for your business and hence, you need aDevOps consultant in 2021 and going forward as well.

If you are on thefence about addressing your DevOps needs in a professional fashion, simplyvisit us at Our teams can lubricate your transformationand make sure that you maximize your efficiency, optimize your business, andsculpt scalable and secure solutions.