Reach global audiences and increase your sales opportunities by selling on Beldara.
Reach global audiences and increase your sales opportunities by selling on Beldara.
"Selling your products online on Beldara helps you to increase your sales scale by reaching huge numbers of potential buyers, build & maintain relationships to encourage buyers to make a purchase & generate more business."

Reach global audiences and increase your sales opportunities by selling on Beldara

Millions of people are using the Internet today, hence buying and selling products is increasing rapidly. Ecommerce websites have become a powerful platform to grow businesses. B2B platforms help to find ways to increase sales swiftly, reduce business operating costs, and boost profit margins for the business.

It is important to choose the right portal that helps you to develop sales and growth in the market. Talking about the effective platform, is the one right platform that helps you to explore new domestic and international markets. Advantages of Beldara resources helps you to connect and acquire new customers.

Benefits of Selling Products on

  • Sellers can operate their business from any corner of the world. You need to have internet access and you are just one click away from connecting to buyers.
  • Your wholesale business will be automated on hence it eliminates set-up costs required to run business.
  • It helps you to list and sell a larger range of products. Sellers can easily develop scaling of their product range and monitor the profit.
  • Sellers will not have to invest too much time as Beldara will be handling the entire selling process of how to sell your products, launching new products, and its sales, transaction, and shipment process.
  • 24*7 customer support helps the business by attaining every customer’s queries on priority and resolving it. Buyers who fail to find desired products, placing the order, or anything related to the purchase, solving their queries will help sellers from losing potential buyers and sales.
  • Beldara’s new venture Beldara Express is designed to make it easy for sellers to sell the services and products to their global audiences.
  • Beldara Express opened its warehouses for more secure and smooth logistic support. This excellent service is offered at a very competitive price, understanding the needs of every manufacturer, wholesalers, suppliers, etc.

Listing Products on Beldara
Listing products online proves to be very beneficial for your business. It offers you the flexibility to sell wholesale products real quick. To list your products on the Beldara store, you need to have a seller account. Create your account by following easy and simple steps.

  1. Visit the website or go to to sign up.
  2. Register yourself by clicking on the ‘seller’ option.
  3. Add your business category, contact number, email id.
  4. Click on Submit Button.

Beldara enables the suppliers with the seller dashboard to encounter better ways for the business. It helps to manage and track your business account with more transparency. It also helps buyers to get a simple and clear image of your brand and products.

Update your seller profile to attract more and more buyers and increase your sale. Complete it by providing basic details.
(Image of Dashboard)

Features of Seller Dashboard

  • Track buyers who have repeatedly checked out single or multiple products you have listed for sale and easily get potential buyer leads.
  • Utilizing the buyer’s wishlist feature helps to receive more orders. You can check and connect to such buyers who have added products in their cart but haven’t finished the purchase.
  • The unread Chat feature helps you to find all the unread chats in this section. You won’t lose any deal or miss buyer’s requirements if you missed any messages from (potential) buyers.

Be a Prime member of Beldara and achieve your business goals

Beldara being a customer-oriented company, aims to see sellers happy on its portal and helps in achieving tremendous growth in their business during the journey with us. To accomplish the goals, utilize the benefits of creating a seller account and listing products, the seller needs to be a verified seller.
Being a verified seller or a premium member will help to unlock the path towards getting maximum business. An easy and affordable plan has been formulated for prospective sellers.

The monthly subscription plan starts at Rs. 999/- This will help sellers to update unlimited product listing, acquire comprehensive customer support, expansive store availability and access by 127+ countries, chat with potential buyers in real-time and obtain an analytical measurement of your product performance.

Transaction Structure

Beldara has a translucent fee structure with no hidden charges for sellers who want to sell their products through Beldara charges a referral fee that ranges between 5% to 20% on transaction value. The percentage of the commission depends on the categories of the products which has to be paid by the sellers on every order.