Meneur Chocolate || Chocolate and cake shops
Meneur Chocolate || Chocolate and cake shops
A special day in your life requires a special cake. Meneur Chocolate can decorate any size cake, and we can even create custom cakes. People can buy unique cake designs from various cake shops in Riyadh. Because they have international chefs trying to add mouth-watering flavor to their cakes.

Chocolate shops in Riyadh


If you're looking for the best chocolate shop in Riyadh, you do not have to look far. Meneur Chocolate offers a delicious, beautiful look. We are one of the best chocolate shops in Riyadh. Check out our online store for delicious chocolate or cake.


Business name- Meneur Chocolate مونور شوكولا 

Address- Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Riyadh 13521

Phone no- 055 510 3982 / 011 235 8678


Opening hours- Daily 1 PM–11 PM / Friday 4 PM–11 PM