Know About DAO - The Next Big Trend In Blockchain
Know About DAO - The Next Big Trend In Blockchain
Here you can get to know about DAO and understand how it works.

What is DAO?


Decentralized Autonomous Organization - An open-source code work platform that is completely automated, self-reliable in nature and unaffiliated with a specific nation-state. This platform is a blockchain-powered system provides a safe way to communicate with strangers on the Internet.


Key Objective Of DAO


The key objective of using DAO are the following


1) A secure place to entrust funds to a certain cause.

2) Member-owned community without central admin leadership (Not Centralized).

3) A safe place to communicate with the Internet strangers.


Core Benefits Of DAO


The following are the core benefits of DAO.


Open Source


DAO is an entirely open-source platform that indicates its code is completely open and allows anyone to get involved on the DAO platform.




The DAO program or organization will proceed without any interruption even if any funding has been stopped as well as if any developer stops working.


No Shutdown


With the government body intervening, there is no possibility of a shutdown in DAO. DAO never furnishes any information to government organizations.


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