Importance of testing for e-commerce projects
Importance of testing for e-commerce projects
As the e-commerce market grows, so do consumer expectations. Customers want better web design, usability, and the absence of risks.

Companies that understand the importance of consumer website usability are investing in robust digital solutions. Companies that ignore the client's requirements or save money easily lose both.

The main reason for e-commerce testing:

  1. Increase the conversion rate. Failures and bugs can be a reason for the high bounce rate. Stable functionality ensures a seamless customer journey and brings more profits. Many bugs are associated with a cart and customers who can't pay or finish orders due to failures leave the site. Without testing, you don't know which kind of problems your clients face. However, after each code changes or adding new features, bugs can happen, so it's important to make continuous testing. 

  2. Ensure website stability. High web traffic and lack of website infrastructure capacity can cause downtime and common failures. The testing capacity of the website can help find out whether the site copes with high traffic and prevent crucial problems. Load testing services find out bottlenecks and problems that cause unstable work. It allows to prevent downtimes and ensure website access for all customers.

  3. Prevent security problems. Usually, e-commerce stores keep private data of their customers as bank card information, telephone numbers, addresses, etc. Hackers can steal clients' information and leak it to the web or can blackmail site owners and ransom. Testing can find bottlenecks and vulnerable spots in systems to make hacking impossible.

  4. Ensure workability on various devices and platforms. Nowadays, people have a diversity of devices for online ordering. Research shows that 50% of web traffic on e-commerce sites was made from mobile devices. So a mobile app or mobile version for an e-commerce project is necessary. But the main problem is that there are a huge number of devices with different size screens, operation systems with different requirements. Testing helps to ensure that a web or mobile app is usable and works, looks good on many devices.