How to Create a DEX Platform like Uniswap?
How to Create a DEX Platform like Uniswap?
Here is how you can create a DEX platform like Uniswap.

What is Uniswap Clone Script?


An instant solution to create a decentralized exchange platform is Uniswap Clone Script. This Uniswap Clone Script is a fully ready-made DeFi exchange script specially coded to build a decentralized exchange platform that connects crypto buyers and sellers just like in Uniswap. This clone script is a simple solution for you to launch a fully-functional, bug-free decentralized exchange in no time. The best Uniswap Clone Script offers a platform that eliminates the major drawback of Decentralized Exchanges that is "lack of liquidity". Since this Uniswap protocol creates its own liquidity pool, it doesn’t require liquidity to be offered from both buyers and sellers. Thus makes the trade here a lot smoother.


How Does Uniswap Clone Works?  

Unlike the traditional structure of a decentralized exchange platform, the DEX platform built using our Uniswap Clone has no order book, instead it works with a design called Automated Market Maker just like in Uniswap DEX. This Automated Market Maker are nothing but a smart contract built on Ethereum network that is mainly used to hold liquidity pools. Any user of the platform can become a liquidity contributor if ready to deposit the same value of two tokens on the liquidity pool. In exchange to this, every liquidity providers will get a “liquidity token” using which they can redeem the share they contributed in the pool.  


Benefits of Using Uniswap Clone Script


1)Generate a good ROI

2) Enhanced Liquidity provision

3) Instant token swap is possible

4) Decentralized network with no intermedia5) Flexible trading facility

5) In-built crypto wallet

6) Customizable dashboard

7) Feasible transaction fee


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