How Much Does It Cost to Build a React Native App: React Native App Development Cost in 2022
How Much Does It Cost to Build a React Native App: React Native App Development Cost in 2022
React native was a game-changer in the area of mobile app development when the mobile development company were struggling with slow, taking much time to create one app.

React native was a game-changer in the area of mobile app development when the mobile development company were struggling with slow, taking much time to create one app. It was launched in the summer of 2013 and it provides a great experience for the developers to create apps with less time, effort and price. Rapid iterations, quick results and single teams are the significant aspects of react native. 

Many big companies such as Instagram, Tesla, Walmart, Skype, Airbnb, and many more have used react native to develop apps. Even entrepreneurs who are willing to set up their businesses in digital marketing can use this app to have a responsive and scalable application for catching the market. There are many SEO companies like SEO services company in Staines, Manchester, Birmingham, etc. provide react native app services to the developers.

What is react native?

React native was developed by Meta formerly Facebook which is now become a popular and broadly used programming framework. It is a java-script-based framework therefore developers who have an understanding of JavaScript can easily create mobile applications. It allows the developers to build fully featured mobile applications that can work on both android and iPhone app development services

Benefits of React Native for App Development

While you are hiring a company that can offer effective react native app development services, one might always think of the advantages and benefits react native will provide to the application. So here is the list of some of the significant advantages you would be getting if you choose to react native for mobile app development. 

  • Budget-Friendly and cost-effective

  • Open source
  • Performance

  • Use of JavaScript

  • Hot Reloading

  • Speedy Development

  • A large community of developers 

  • Require a small development team

How much does react native app development cost?

Whenever any business looking to develop an app for their business, it is important to check how much would the app development cost would be and what things can have a direct effect on it. This section will help you to get informed of the various factors that together build the total cost of evolving a react native mobile application.

Features and Difficulty Level

When the cost of react native app development was calculated in Dubai, the first thing that was noticed was the significance of the app complexity level. This depends on the addition of functionalities and features. When there are only Cloud Computing Solutions basic functions present the difficulty level is low and if they carry advanced features then the difficulty level is high.

Design of the App

The design cost is also considered while calculating the cost of react native app. In the app development process, there are particularly two phases prototyping and comprising design. To provide users with a rich experience numerous UX and UI components are used to design scalable apps. The customization in their apps can cost more to the developers.

Skillset of Developers

The skill set of the developer also plays an important role in calculating the cost of react native app. If you want a highly responsive application, you need to hire professional mobile app developers and the payment are not fixed as they are charged according to their experience level.

Geographical Location

It is a fact that the cost of hiring a mobile or Desktop Application Development Services is different according to the location. The per-hour cost of developers is different in Europe, Asia, or any other country. 

App Maintenance 

The development stage or the costs associated just end with the launch of the app. Rather after its launching, there are many costs related to an application. The company has to pay huge attention to the experience of the user, problems faced by them while using the app and app maintenance. Thus the cost of maintenance is also included in the react native. 

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Considering all the factors that are included in react native app development as well as taking care of quality, security and updates the cost of building ranges between $15000 to $30000. This cost is inconstant depending upon the functionalities, features and selection of the company. 

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Conclusive Statement

From developing an app in a short time to easy maintenance everything is so perfect and cost-effective with react native app. For any software services and SEO services in Manchester, Staines, Birmingham, etc. contact Digital Marketing Company Staines


  1. Is SEO services in Birmingham also provide react native app development services?

Yes, SEO services in Birmingham also provide react native app development services.

  1. Is react native app development company and node JS development company different?

Both Node and react native are part of the JavaScript framework but they are entirely different from each other and they both work in different areas of software.


React native is a cost-effective framework for any mobile app development company and business. Hire Quirinus Solutions Ltd. for the best software services and SEO Company London, Staines, Manchester, etc. 

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