How many types of water treatment plants are available in India?
How many types of water treatment plants are available in India?
Although there are many types of water treatment plants available in the market, we have given this list of water treatment plants that are being used more.

Water treatment is very significant in the world today, and it involves many processes. Water is essential for the existence of life on the planet. However, only clean and hygienic water should be consumed. Water that is not pure contains several harmful contaminants. Contaminated water can cause various issues to human health and therefore, it is of utmost importance to have clean drinking water. A water treatment plant in India is manufactured to remove the contamination from water. It is developed to have pure and clean water. There are several types of water treatment plants, and a suitable plant can be chosen as per the requirements. 


There are several types of water treatment plants. Customers can choose to buy the most suitable water treatment plant in India based on their specific requirements. Different types of plants have different features. Also, in some cases, you might want to buy a certain type of water treatment plant to remove specific contaminations. However, this is not the only differentiation factor, many other factors separate one plant from the other. Some of the plants have some features, while other plants may have some other features. Therefore, when it comes to buying a water treatment plant in India, one has to make sure that they compare all the features and then make a decision. In this article, we will explore types of contaminations and water treatment plants. 


Listed below are some of the common types of water treatment plants:

  • Sewage Treatment Plants

STPs, as the name implies, are used to remove the contamination from the sewage water. Sewage waste from buildings, households, etc. is mixed with water. Sewage treatment plants play a pivotal role in cleaning the wastewater. With the help of this plant, several chemicals can be removed from the water. It is a popularly used water treatment plant in India. The wastewater is passed to the plant and then the filtration happens. Then afterward, the water passes through different processes to get pure water. STPs are found in many areas. 


  • Wastewater Treatment Plant 

A wastewater treatment plant is one of the most commonly used water treatment plants. Wastewater is generated from residential, industrial as well as agricultural uses. Also, it may be generated from transportation, medical and other tasks. Wastewater from the sewage is obtained from the residential usage, like from the showers, toilets, etc. Whereas, when it comes to industrial waste, it is derived from many industries including manufacturing, petroleum, and other chemical-related industries. Wastewater can be generated by the page and pulp industry and several other industries. 


  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

RO is the process that involves the removal of many contaminants from the impure water by applying pressure to it. Pressure is applied when wastewater is on one side of the membrane. High-pressure pumps are used in the RO water treatment plant in India. RO plants are used in many industries, including the food and beverages industry, semiconductor manufacturing, and much more.


Listed above are only a few types of water treatment plants. There are many more new variants of the plants as well. With the advancement of technology, manufacturers are implementing innovative features in the latest water treatment plants. The cutting-edge features of the plants make them very efficient. Also, there is no doubt about the fact that the buyers can select the plant that seems perfect for their use, based on the features of the plant as well as the requirements. In some cases, the choice might be dependent on the type of contaminants mostly found in the water in that specific area. 


With the help of an efficient water treatment plant in India, impurities can be removed from the water. A few of the most commonly found contaminations in water are:


  • Harmful chemicals: The presence of hazardous chemicals in water is a cause of concern. It causes a lot of problems to human health. Many harmful chemicals are added to the water in the form of industrial wastes and pesticides. Injurious chemicals are added to the water because of certain human activities. Harmful chemicals have to be removed from the water to make the water apt for drinking. 
  • Pathogens: One of the most commonly found contaminations in water is in the form of disease-causing organisms. Some of the pathogens that are included in water are bacteria, amoebas, eggs of parasitic worms, etc. 
  • Some of the harmful minerals can also make the water impure, like arsenic and fluorides. 
  • Water may also have some not-so-harmful contaminants, but such contaminants also impact the taste, odor, and color of the water. 


Process of water treatment: 


  • The process of treating water includes several processes, including boiling the water. 
  • Storage and sedimentation are important parts of the process too.
  • Coagulation and Flocculation 
  • Filtration 
  • Chlorination
  • Disinfection

Treatment of water is a comprehensive process and it involves many steps. It is suggested to acquire all the necessary knowledge related to the water treatment plant to make the best decision and choose a perfect plant amongst all. There are already many options in the industry and the manufacturers are coming up with new varieties and models of the water treatment plants. Buyers might even want to seek guidance from some of the experts to buy the perfect treatment plant. It is also recommended to choose a manufacturer or supplier that offers a variety of water treatment plants in India