FrSky R9|RXSR Pilot Flight Control
FrSky R9|RXSR Pilot Flight Control
The FrSky Pilot series flight controller is an All-in-One module that supports comprehensive flight control functions with pre-installed powerful INAV (The support of other open-source software like Ardupilot and Betaflight are ongoing.) and F.Port 2.0 software.

The FrSky Pilot series flightcontroller is an All-in-One module that supports comprehensive flight controlfunctions with pre-installed powerful INAV (The support of other open-sourcesoftware like Ardupilot and Betaflight are ongoing.) and F.Port 2.0 software. Thiscontrol system is targeted towards RC hobby enthusiasts who are looking for acomplete system combining power management, a powerful graphic FrSky OSD, andplenty of IOs.

TheR9/RXSR Pilot is comprised of a three-layer stack:

1.Amainboard providing power for servos and for a video system with switchablevoltages, current measurement and general connectivity (6 full UARTs, I²C, 12servo/motor outputs, 2 analog inputs, video input/output)

2.Aprocessing board using a powerful STM32F765 at its core, boasting 1MB of flashmemory, and 512KB of RAM capable of running the INAV, Ardupilot and Betaflightflight control software. It integrates an ICM20602 IMU, FrSky’s latest

graphicFrSky OSD

, and anSPL06 high precision barometer. An SPI bus connector allows for optionalconnection of a second vibration isolated IMU, which can be mounted to theboard, or other peripherals. An SD card slot allows for data storage includingBlackBox logging. It also includes a piezo audio transducer for systemnotifications and lost model locating.

AnyFrSky receivers with a standard FPC interface can be connected directly to theprocessing board (RXSR-FC / R9MM-FC-OTA). All F.Port 2.0 Capable Receivers(Archer and Tandem Series Receivers, etc.), SBUS receivers, and some others withserial ports are also compatible.





12Servo/Motor Outputs & Multiple Serial Ports (6 UARTs, I²C, SPI)

PowerfulSTM32F765 Based Flight Controller is capable Running on INAV / Ardupilot /Betaflight Firmware


GraphicFrSky OSD

SupportsFrSky S.Port Sensors

Built-inMultiple Sensors

Max 150ACapable Hall-effect Current Sensor

Built-in3-axis Gyroscope & 3-axis Accelerometer Sensor (ICM20602IMU, ±2000dps,±16g)

SupportsICM20601/ICM20602/MPU6000 IMU as external gyroscope module with vibrationinsulated box

Built-inBarometer sensor(SPL06-001)

AdjustableVoltage Output through integrated BEC function

SupportsBlack Box Data Record Function(via SD card)


StandardFPC Interface on-board receiver with a perfect fit protection box(RXSR-FC/R9MM-FC-OTA, etc.)

AllF.Port 2.0 Capable Receivers (Archer and Tandem Series Receivers, etc.)

SBUSReceivers and Some Others with Serial Ports


Dimension:60*45*14mm (L*W*H)

Weight:35g (Without connector)

Mounting(FC):30.5*30.5mm with M3 grommets

Mounting(Rx):13*13mm (R9MM-FC-OTA / RXSR-FC)

BatteryPort: XT60 Plug

MCU:STM32F765VG (1MB Flash Memory, 512KB RAM)

IMU:ICM20602 (±2000dps, ±16g)




Micro SDSlot

12* PWMOutputs

6* FullUARTs (Any UART can be configured to the S.Port via INAV)

1* I2C

2*Analog Inputs (0-3.3V)

1* VideoInput

1* VideoOutput

1* PiezoAudio Transducer

2* ESCPower Pads

VoltageRange: DC 11.1V~51V (3S~12S Li-Po/Li-ion)

CurrentSensor: Max 150A