Everything you need to know about Android Auto by Google
Android Auto is a different Android assimilate designed for being used in your car. There are two beautiful ways you can use Android Auto, the first way which is directly on the display of your mobile phone. Android Auto on your phone is charm easy to operate. Your home screen shows endorsed locations to drive to, any music or podcast that’s recently playing, and call/text notifications as they come in.

Android Auto is in your pocket, on your eyes, in your living room even in your kitchen. “Just Everywhere”. Well, Now Android is also in your car. Let see how? the publication of “Android Auto” will be now your car assistant. Android Auto is a Map Projection code that implements for your smartphone and car by Google to allow your mobile devices running the later version of the Android Operation System to be straightly and managed in automobiles via the Dashboard Head Unit. To enjoy this amazing technology, your car, and the phone both should be an agreement with Android Auto.

Android Auto is charming simple. You just want to plug your phone into a head unit which is an adaptable receiver to help you with the displaying and using this wonderful Android Auto. So after fixing your phone with the head unit, you can get all the apps viewed on the screen in your car. When you first time connects your phone, you will get a few limitations and retraction. The only moto to launch Android Auto is to manage you safe while you are driving your car.