Establish an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea with top-notch functionalities
Establish an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea with top-notch functionalities
Establish an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea with top-notch functionalities

New York City and crypto collectibles go hand-in-hand. Wonder how? It is because of OpenSea. The Ethereum-compatible marketplace is the leader in buying and selling crypto collectibles. Overall, it has generated gross sales of $6.85 billion as per DAppRadar. Content creators across the world are minting and listing their artwork, musical pieces, sports goods, trading cards, and other utility assets. Entrepreneurs can also maximize their net worth by owning an OpenSea clone.  


The core-features of an OpenSea NFT marketplace


Activity Section


Real-time statistics are available about the name of the artists and investors, the number of collectibles, unit price, date and time of minting. It keeps on updating depending on the number of buy and sell orders. 


Create collectible


Artists can mint and showcase their NFTs in no time by tapping the create button. They can sync digital wallets like Authereum, Bitski, Dapper,  Coinbase Wallet, Fortmatic, Kaikas, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet. They must upload various files and pay the required gas fees. 


Drops Section


Investors can own one-of-a-kind collectibles. They can press the Drops panel and view the name of the owner, number of NFTs, and the trading volume in Ether (ETH). Collectors have to bid aggressively to get possession of the exclusive Non-Fungible Token. 


Listings dashboard


Around 264100 users have executed 2.32 million peer-to-peer (P2P)  transactions on the OpenSea platform. Accordingly, prospective investors can make the right choice by checking the events panel. They can tap 4 options (Listings, Bids, Sales, and Transfers) to know the current market conditions. 


24x7 Help Desk


Techpreneurs ought to offer round the clock assistance for entrepreneurs. They should have a support team in place for sorting out grievances faced by collectors and investors. Accordingly, content creators and traders can resolve problems related to auction errors, bidding malfunctioning, gas fees, transaction glitches, and wallet configuration. 


Wrapping Up


Further, OpenSea is making giant strides in the NFT industry. It also launched mobile apps on Android and iOS for users to view collectibles. Powered by a $100 million funding, it will soon become cross-chain compatible. The American marketplace has also pioneered gas-free trading after linking with Polygon, a popular sidechain. 


As the creator economy undergoes a terrific transformation, entrepreneurs should start their journey now. They can obtain an OpenSea clone from an  NFT marketplace development company and be the undisputed leader.