Axie Infinity Clone Script and its Unique Features
Axie Infinity Clone Script and its Unique Features
Here you can get to know about the unique features of using Axie Infinity Clone Script.

Axie Infinity Clone Script


Axie Infinity Clone Script is a coding to create an NFT gaming platform similar to the famous NFT game - Axie Infinity. Just as in the original Axie Infinity, this clone game also allows the players to collect different digital animals and they can also breed them for battle with other player’s digital pets.

As an added advantage of using Axie Infinity Clone Script, you can build an attractive UI design similar to Axie Infinity and it can also be made functionable on several blockchain networks like Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, etc.


Unique Features of Axie Infinity Clone Script


Below mentioned are some of the top-notch features that Axie Infinity Clone Script offers.




The gamer can breed several Axies and it can be used in a battle or it can sold to other gamers. Either way breeding an Axie would end up being a profit for the gamer.




Any player can let their Axie into a battle with other players and will have a chance of winning a huge reward if their Axie won the battle.




The users can trade their Axie using an effective marketplace platform and can also purchase several other in-game assets like a land etc.


Smooth Love Potion


Smooth Love Potion (SLP) are the token rewards that can be earned in adventures and battle modes. These SLP tokens can be used either to create a whole new Axie or to upgrade the features of an existing Axie.


Axie Infinity Shards


Axie Infinity Shard(AXS) is an ERC20 based governance token that can be earned by participating in several battles in the Axie infinity world. Using an AXS, a gamer will have the right to participate in a governance voting that happens within the game.


Final Thoughts:


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