A guide to taking care of your wood furniture
A guide to taking care of your wood furniture
Wooden furniture has its legacy and therefore requires great maintenance. Make sure to follow the exact steps to make your furniture live longer.

Wood is always a charming material that creates a cozy feel of luxury elegance and sophistication. Wooden custom furniture always provides a rustic charm but sometimes it becomes a tough job to take proper care of them, as care is important regardless of the quality of the product or furniture store you went to. Due to not being taken care of properly, your furniture May lose its life.


However, regular dusting, proper cleaning, and vacuum are enough to maintain the appearance of your furniture. Tiny dust particles can accumulate into the detailing of your furniture and make it look obsolete. However, here are some tips and tricks that will help you maintain the look and feel of your luxury furniture.  


Table of content

  1. Must know the nature of wood

  2. Basic cleaning is a must

  3. Make sure to limit sunlight exposure

  4. Keep your furniture dry and polished

  5. Use coasters always

  6. Avoid all-purpose cleaners


  1. Must know the nature of wood

You must know that it also comes in a variety of natures and different configuration finishes, styles, and compositions. Therefore it is important to know the material and properties of the wood your furniture is made of. This will help you understand the particular maintenance routine. In this regard you will be careful about the surface you have to maintain. Every word is different and does it need different treatment altogether.

  1. Basic cleaning is a must

If a piece of furniture has not been cleaned in a while you will notice a thin layer from over the surface. This layer of dirt will harm your furniture in the long run. Dusting and basic cleaning are always a must to make the upper surface of your furniture clean and bright without putting in the extra effort. For this purpose, you can use a soft cotton cloth to avoid any stains and scratches. Going with dry dusting is a better approach but when it does not work you can go with a mild detergent solution. Once you clean your furniture make sure to immediately wipe it all with a soft dry cloth.

  1. Make sure to limit sunlight exposure

Direct exposure to heat and sunlight can harm your luxury wooden furniture. It can fade the shine and color of your furniture. Even the most expensive and quality wood may fade out if exposed to bear sunlight and heat for a longer period. Therefore to keep your furniture alive for a longer period make sure to protect it from heat and moisture. Also, make sure to avoid hot pots and utensils directly placed on the surface of wood furniture such as rectory table.

  1. Keep your furniture dry and polished

Keeping your furniture dry and polished is another important thing to take care of. Whenever you clean your furniture make sure to keep it dry properly by all means. Protecting your furniture from dampness and moisture can set your furniture surface to peel off. Even if there is a smaller water spill it can cause severe damage if not cleaned immediately.

  1. Use coasters always

Wooden furniture is probably the most beautiful type of furniture that every homeowner has. But a single mistake can destroy the appearance of the furniture. It is important to remember the protection from daily wear and tears. For instance, excessive moisture and heat can cause marks and rings on the wood finish as the surface of your wooden table. To prevent these stains make sure to place coasters and trivets. You can also use placements for tablecloths to protect your furniture's surface.

  1. Avoid all-purpose cleaners

Although all-purpose cleaners are meant to clean every surface, it is preferred not to use all-purpose cleaners for cleaning your furniture. The basketball cleaner has chemicals that are too harsh to use on the fine wood. If you are not sure that your furniture has a plastic coating to protect it, make sure not to use these cleaners that will harm the surface. to maintain the incredible look of your furniture make sure to protect and see them periodically.


Prevention is always the best. Any furniture or accessories that you want to protect requires regular cleaning. Custom furniture is such an investment, particularly if you buy it from a reliable furniture store. Therefore it is necessary to follow the proper maintenance procedure. To maintain the luxurious look and feel of your furniture it is recommended to follow the above-discussed steps.