3 Major Differences Between A Plain T Shirt And A Plain Shirt
3 Major Differences Between A Plain T Shirt And A Plain Shirt
Plain shirts and t-shirts are among some of the most things that every man should have. However, there are some of the differences that help you to identify which apparel is made for what purpose. So, scroll to know-how.

A plain shirt and a plain t shirt have charm of their own. He may look handsome and once and cool at the other moment. Plain colors can simply help in identifying the purpose and choose accordingly. You may opt for red when you are heading for a date, yellow when you are all set to enjoy the picnic, or simply white when you want to be sophisticated. This is how every color has its magic in its own way. However, the status may differ more when it comes to choosing between a shirt or t shirt in plain colors. So, here are some of the differences between the two that will help you to differentiate better.


The first and foremost differentiation between a plain t shirt and a shirt is its entire silhouette and structure. Shirts have collar and buttons which make it a completely different pattern. While t-shirts have hemlines and no collars. You may find exceptions in every case. Just like a Polo t shirt, because it has collar like a shirt but its entire structure is completely differentiated. Also, plain shirts generally accompany chest pockets. You may not find this feature in t-shirts though. 

Idea Of Wearing:

Since the silhouette of plain t-shirts and shirts is totally different, the idea of wearing these differ as well. A t shirt is highly stretchable and does not have any buttons. Simply stretch and put it on you. On the other hand, shirts will be tucked on only when you put the buttons. Its structure is designed with a collar on top followed by buttons. A t-shirt may only have buttons on the neckline, either for fashion or for comfort while a shirt is full of it so that you can wear it comfortably.


You wear plain shirts when you are heading for a big purpose like formal meeting. Whether it be an office meeting or a matrimonial meeting, these shirts work perfectly for the purpose. On the other hand you cannot consider a plain t shirts for this purpose. Plain t-shirts are perfect for casual hangouts. These are highly comfortable and therefore recommended for long day outs, college goers and while adventures. T shirts also have the facility for either being full sleeve or half sleeve. In either ways it stays perfectly amiable. This is how shirts and t shirts help you differentiate on what is right for the time being.


These are some of the differences between plain t shirts and shirts that will make it easy for you to identify which apparel is made for you.

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