10 Bathing Safety Tips For Babies
10 Bathing Safety Tips For Babies
Bathing your newborn baby can be fun and at the same time, needs your care. For New Mothers, it’s going to be a whole new experience, but it’s crucial that before you start the process of giving a bath to your Newborn Baby

Bathing your newborn baby can be fun and at the same time, needs your care. For New Mothers, it’s going to be a whole new experience, but it’s crucial that before you start the process of giving a bath to your Newborn Baby, you must follow the below safety tips for bathing your child. Here are some tips on healthy baby bath products, which can help you in giving a safe and comfortable Bath to your Child. 




 1 # Buy Non-Slipper Tub For Newborn Babies :

Before you buy a bathtub for your newborn or toddler, it’s important to keep a few points in mind, always purchase a tub as per your child's age and size. Never buy a large size tub, as for mother it would not be easy to manage him. Chances of toddler slipping from hand increase in this case. Also, do a little bit of research on the material that the tub is made of. Always, try to buy a non-slipper tub for your toddler safety

2 # Choose Soap which Suits your Baby Skin:

Every baby has a different skin type, be it sensitive, dry, or oily skin. Therefore, it’s the mothers’ responsibility to buy liquid or soap bars as per your child's skin and age. As per experts, mothers should use light liquid soap for newborns under the age of 11 months and after that, you can switch it over to a soap bar. Please don’t buy Extra Foam Soaps, as it a strip away needed oils from newborn skin, that protect and moisturize your baby’s skin.

3 # Keeps the Towel Ready:

Are you one of them who keeps neglecting towels while going into showers and ask your mom for towels? If your answer is yes, then you require to be extra cautious for not repeating the same while giving a bath to your baby especially new-born. It’s very essential to keep the towel handy to avoid any circumstance that may occur due to a slippery floor. You need to cover your baby immediately after giving her shower to prevent her from the cold climate outside the bathroom, also it will help you in keeping her in a better way, as she is all wet and slippery.

4 # Buy Soft Toys as per your Baby Age:

Choose correct Baby Soft Toys, as it’s your baby’s time to have joy with toys in the water. Babies who are fussy to take shower, are more likely to start getting interested in the bath due to lovely bath toys. Choose beautiful bath toys which you and your baby can enjoy.

Some parents make mistake by purchasing big size toys, which are not worthy to hold by babies and they tend to slip away from the newborn. Babies need stuff which they can continue and put in and out of the water also they find playthings more exciting and funny which makes some sound.

5 # Choose Bath Toys without any Sharp Corners:

Avoid sharp toys and something near your baby. It can be very dangerous to your baby's safety. Please don’t purchase cheap toys, as they don’t match any baby safety rules and use extremely bad quality stuff. You must have got lots of toys as a gift from your relations and friends, but it does not mean that you have to use it.

6 # Don’t leave your baby alone for 2 Minute:

Leaving your toddler alone even for a moment can be the most vulnerable mistake you can make in the bathroom. Newborns are in a very different mood while taking a shower and they think everything around them is their toys and they may come in touch with chemicals, things which are dangerous for small toddlers. Also, the probability of slipping out of the tub is raised when newborns are kept unattended in bathtubs

7 # Maintain proper Room Temperature:

Before taking your newborn or toddler to bath, you make sure that the temperature of the place in which you are going to take her back must have a similar temperature as of your shower is going to have when you are done with her bath, to prevent any temperature illness to newborns.

8 # Check the Water Temperature:

Try not to use running water particularly when managing small babies as a sudden increase in temperature can cause serious harm to your baby. Always store water beforehand and check it every time before you put your baby in it or take the first mug small babies have very sensitive skin so we need to be extra careful with them. Don’t use very hot and very cold water based on seasons.

9 # Avoid Giving Baths in Cold:

Don’t think that newborns are a small adult who starts to feel upset by not taking a bath every day. If you think the baby is not 100% fit even in top summers don’t force her to take bath as it may have dangerous outcomes. Don’t worry as newborns don’t develop bad body odor and sweating if they will not take a bath for a few days.


10 # Get all the Baby Things ready Beforehand: 

Just like a perfect mother, it would be an excellent idea to keep all your newborn things like newborn care Products, clothes, diapers, powder, cream, and toys in one place as this will make your life easier and convenient for you. You will be able to make your baby ready for further action quickly after his bath.