Which State to Immigrate to in the U.S.?
Which State to Immigrate to in the U.S.?

Which State to Immigrate to in the U.S.?

Deciding to move to the United States is not going to solve anything. It is necessary to make another, more difficult choice, the choice of one of fifty states, each of which is good in its own way. Where to immigrate to the USA? American states are so different that you can talk about them as separate countries. Different laws, nature, people, and even language, more precisely - an accent. And, of course, each state treats migrants differently.


Even if you have a green card, do not expect benefits and assistance from the authorities until you have worked in the United States for 10 years. Of course, the job search process is unique for everyone. But in some states, for example, there is a demand for super-professional programmers, in others for engineers, and thirdly, it is easy to find a simple but low-paid specialty.


The Northeast U.S. has the most developed economy and very diverse culture. There are many emigrants here, and as a result or as a reason, these states are considered the most tolerant. Up to 85% of the region's population lives in cities, so the megalopolises here are huge and life in them is in full swing, but in small villages, it is much quieter and quieter.

New York City

While we're on the subject of gastronomy, we can't fail to mention the Big Apple. New York City is the largest city in the eastern United States. A real magnet for ex-pats from all countries. Russians will find their own neighborhood here, the inhabited and cozy Brighton Beach with a very special culture.


Even illegal immigrants are treated very loyally here, so it costs nothing to get a job.

However, you will have to fight for a good job. After all, the unspoken capital of the States attracts not only visitors but also Americans from all over the country, who will compete with you at least with their impeccable English. On the other hand, getting a simple job in the service industry also takes some hard work. After all, illegal immigrants from third countries often simply "dump": they are ready to work for meager wages.


For a purposeful person, New York promises career development and good money, but promises come at a price. In particular, the rent, which is rather big here. As compensation, the city will delight you with developed transport, an abundance of entertainment, and the feeling that you are “yours” in this multinational community. There are also disadvantages: a dirty subway, garbage bags rotting on the streets, a high crime rate in disadvantaged areas, a fast pace of life, and crowds of tourists.


In New York, you can easily do without your own car. This is true for newly arrived immigrants, as their budget is often limited. Some don't even have an extra thousand for this. In addition, you do not have to spend money on gasoline, servicing the car and undergo an annual state car inspection. And in New York, you can easily do without a car. Metro, buses, ferries, taxis, even a funicular to Roosevelt Island goes. You can even take the metro from the airport.

New York State 

Basically, it’s similar to New Jersey. A semi-rural state with fairly high prices, which still turn out to be lower than in New York City. Jersey also has dark, criminal cities such as Trenton; quite bright and calm, like Princeton University. It is quite difficult to find a job here, so many people travel to New York to earn money. If you do decide to settle in New Jersey, you need to consider that there are several universities in the south of the state. Therefore, housing there is of low quality and it is difficult to rent it, but it is cheaper. In the center - not the safest areas, and in the north - it's expensive. Therefore, it is best to live on the border with Pennsylvania, where there are fewer blacks and lower real estate prices.


They say about Philadelphia in different ways: tourists call it a dream city, and those who have lived here for some time complain about the high cost and a large number of unemployed blacks. A similar situation is in Pittsburgh, a fast-growing industrial city. By the way, last year Pittsburgh was recognized as the most liveable city in the United States in terms of quality of life:

- health care is developed here

- finance

- education

- tourism and high-tech industries

New England 

It includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. It was to this region that the first pilgrims came to start a new life. Until now, most of the locals are immigrants from Europe and descendants of the British, Irish, French, Italians, and Portuguese. European values ​​were supplemented here with American ones and preserved. It is believed that New England is the only region that maintains its cultural identity, defined by a special combination of:

- puritanism and liberalism

- agriculture with industry

- and isolation with the acceptance of immigrants

In addition, New England is the safest region in the United States, which, as sad as it may sound, is due to the small number of blacks.


The climate in these states is continental, hot in summer, and cold in winter. But all year round, the New England people are surrounded by beautiful nature: forests, mountains, lakes. In the summer you can fish and in the winter you can ski. Towns and settlements here are mostly small, locals love peace and quiet. Many establishments close early, around 8 pm, so they go to Boston, New York, and Canada for fun.


Of course, not all of New England can boast of a developed economy. It's stagnant in Vermont. The state earns mainly from the production of dairy products: cheese, chocolate, and the famous Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Although local, cheerful milkmen are allowed to carry weapons without special permission, Vermont is traditionally among the five safest states in America. Vermont is:

- small towns (even the largest Burlington is home to less than 50 thousand people)

- beautiful nature

- lack of work

- proximity to Canada, in particular - to Montreal

New Hampshire looks about the same. Its advantage is that there is no income tax or tax on goods (cigarettes, alcohol, appliances, and others), as in other states. However, this is offset by high property taxes. The Hampshire city of Nashua has twice been voted "America's Best Place to Live" by Money magazine. However, it will really be for you if you have the means: it is difficult to earn money there. Therefore, many people prefer to live in neighboring Maine and go shopping in Vermont.


In Main, it’s difficult to find a good job. Small towns in this state are just houses in the woods, even without streets. In the north, it is rather cold, French speech is constantly heard - the proximity of Canada makes itself felt. True, the south of Maine is a resort place.