When they said investing in your skin is like investing in your confidence, never might have we thought that this is a long process and is to be handled with care as there are factors which can alter your health conditions which in turn can affect your skin too.



When they said investing in your skin is like investing in your confidence, never might have we thought that this is a long process and is to be handled with care as there are factors which can alter your health conditions which in turn can affect your skin too. Daily skin routines and healthy nutrients can definitely bring you in your right track of skin maintenance but there always can happen things to our body ahead of routine regimens or predictions. Diseases that impact our body are one among them and so our skin also could be affected by diseases at times which can’t be escaped by anything but the only solution could be surrendering it to better treatments. One such severe skin condition is scleroderma and is to be taken care with utmost seriousness to get it cured in the right way and right time. But beyond physical appearance this disease might pull you back in terms of your joint health such that you might find it even hard to dress up or to open a door! So, stop by and know all about this disease


Scleroderma is an autoimmune skin disease that mainly affects the connective tissues of the body related to the skin layers. Thickening and firmness of the skin is the main characteristic of this disease and skin inflammations of various diseases are a result of the immune responses. At times inflammation could actually set your skin to firmness. The autoimmunity issue behind this is evident by the presence of specific antibodies in the patients. Scarring of the tissues, i.e. formation of fibrosis, also characterizes this disorder. This disease can be classified on the basis of the degree of the disease and also by the affected area of the skin. Hence it can be divided into 2 types and are- localized scleroderma and systemic scleroderma.



the symptoms of scleroderma depend on the intensity of infection and type of skin involvement in the disease. Also, since skin being the largest organ is present everywhere and diseases affecting it also tend to affect the organs associated with it. Just like chances are there to affect esophagus, kidneys and blood vessels etc. in the case of scleroderma. They include itching, inflammation, redness etc. though it can be found widespread in the body, mainly present in the feet, around the neck, and fingers. Affected fingers and toes might experience a sense of restriction of movement. Scleroderma affected face gives it a mask-like appearance. Here too the jaw near the face might undergo a sense of restriction of movement. Scleroderma is also widely found to affect the esophagus specifically and leads to various conditions like acidic stomach, acid back flow from stomach to esophagus and heartburn as well. Also scarring on the esophagus often results in difficulty swallowing food. Some not so common conditions include tiny calcifications at areas like elbows, knees and over joints, diarrhea and constipation.  Pain at the center portion of the chest could also be found. However, visible skin changes are more than enough to diagnose this condition for your physician.


though the exact cause is yet to be found, there can be many causes for scleroderma, starting from hereditary causes to environmental reasons. These factors go and infect the immune system of one’s body and makes scar within the tissues which in turn leads to piling of collagen in the tissues, or can even be due to over activity of the immune system. It is likely found more in females than in males. However, this can be mild or severe depending upon the skin and the degree affected. 


Treatments for conditions like scleroderma mainly focus on reducing the symptoms so as to reduce the irritations and pain followed at first. Choosing the right medical line for this disease would be confusing for you but Ayurveda always remains the best among any. This is mainly due to the uniqueness entitled within it. It’s nothing but the ancient tradition used in it and the natural methods and medications involved in this medical science. Moreover, being a holistic line of medicine, it eases both your mind and body, giving priority to maintaining your natural health. With fewer side effects, Ayurveda can offer you the right remedy for any diseases and our clinic Planet Ayurveda is always ready to guide you right through. When mild cases are due to lifestyle changes, Ayurveda prescribes you to avoid environmental conditions like cold temperature, smoke presence etc. and certain physical exercises mainly for joints and overall body. It offers you with the right medical package to heal your symptoms of scleroderma and eradicate your difficulties associated with it. 


  1. Ashwagandha Capsules
  2. Boswellia Curcumin
  3. Gotukola Capsules
  4. Sanjivani Vati
  5. Gandhak Rasayan


Scleroderma might have brought both your confidence and as well as certain life activities to a slight pause, however even before trying options like physical therapies or occupational therapies, Ayurveda could help you reach your goal of getting out of this condition. Trust Ayurveda and your right physician combined with the right package here at the Planet Ayurveda will guide you lead the scleroderma-free life. Let your skin and mind stay healthy and happy