Five celebrities who look stunning even without makeup
Five celebrities who look stunning even without makeup
It certainly helps to be beautiful when you are a celebrity and it does not matter what kind of celebrity you are.


It certainly helps to be beautiful when you are a celebrity and it does not matter what kind of celebrity you are. You can be a model, an actor, a singer, a sportsman or even a social media influencer, no matter what and your facial features still count for a lot.

But being a celebrity also has its own drawbacks. You have to look a certain way, act a certain way and there is no hiding from it, because your life isn’t private anymore. But even then there are celebrities who like to defy expectations and one of the ways they do this is by going makeup free, which is often quite unexpected and very brave on their part. Here are five celebrities who never shy away from showing their natural side.

Miley Cyrus

It is widely known that singer Miley Cyrus likes to go sideways and do her own thing. So no one was surprised when the 28-year-old suddenly posted a wedding picture of herself and her dearest Liam Hemsworth at Christmas time at the end of 2018. But it was the no-make-up selfie that surprised everyone, in which Miley not only did away with expressive make-up, but also cuddled with the acting icon and singer Barbra Streisand. Well, not really: Miley actually only wore a T-shirt with a Barbra print. To explain: The confusing picture with numerous comments is a response to an interview by Barbra in the US magazine "People": "I love the style of Miley Cyrus!" Well, so do we, will we get a hug or a shirt, please?

Diane Kruger

Actress Diane Kruger is a natural beauty - there's nothing to be shaken about. Since the 44-year-old has been a mom, she has clearly taken care of other things than care and make-up - understandably. She is now showing it on Instagram. The German, who lives in Paris, posted an unvarnished picture of herself with the comment: "Do you know that when you're so tired that no Instagram filter in the world can hide it?" With this, Diane speaks from the soul of all new mums. But there are also many more important things than looks!

Jennifer Lopez

Our J.Lo is still the old "Jenny from the Block" after all! On her Instagram, the singer presented herself completely without make-up. Although there really doesn't seem to be a touch of makeup on her skin, the 51-year-old looked just gorgeous with her casual bun and natural glow. Remarkable: the pretty entertainer has hardly changed on the outside since her breakthrough 19 years ago.


Pokimane aka Imane Anys is undoubtedly the queen of Twitch streaming. Through her Twitch streams and other social media accounts she rules the hearts of millions of followers. It is not just her gaming skills or her natural charisma which makes her so popular, but also her empathy for others and her genuine interest in social causes that make us love her even more. One of those causes is body positivity, which she promoted through a stream she did a while back. Now known as Pokimane No Makeup stream is famous for showing the social media star without any makeup, streaming for hours.

Elizabeth Lail


Once you've started the Netflix series "You", you can't stop. Fans are torn as to which series character they should give their sympathies to. Even Joe already has a huge following. But who we love undisputedly is the unsuspecting Beck aka Elizabeth Lail, who not only tries to lead a free, unrestrained life, but also still looks gorgeous. Even in real life and without make-up, Elizabeth Lail is a natural beauty whose look, with hairstyle and all the trimmings - we shamelessly admit it - we simply want to copy immediately.