best heart hospital transplant in india
best heart hospital transplant in india
Jaslok hospital is one of the best hospitals in mumbai. This best private hospital in mumbai and western maharashtra with latest medical expertise and 47 years of experience.

International Patients at Jaslok Hospital

 With a vision to provide a ‘lifetime of care’, Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center have made their mark as one of the best hospitals in Mumbai, offering quality care for their patients. They are also known for facilitating research in different areas, equipping students and medical professionals with the best technology to aid them. In the pandemic, amidst rising cases and frequent lockdowns, they have adopted rigid safety protocols like compulsory masks on every individual working in the hospital premises, frequent sanitization of the open spaces, and regulating the crowds coming in for enquiries, and wheeling in patients safely and with tons of care.

It is one of the hospitals in Mumbai that offer airport pickups for their international patients. Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center provides the patient’s family with a coordinator who takes care of their stay and doctor appointments. Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center is often a popular choice for many international patients because of their research driven treatment plans and personalized care for their patients. Their doctors are brilliant but not insensitive. Most patients have revealed that the empathetic doctors and nurses of Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center have eased their concerns, explained the surgery procedures and treatment plan time and time again. Jaslok, hailed as one of the best private hospital in Mumbai, does their best to involve the caregivers into the patients’ treatment plan. 


Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center, ranked as one of the best hospitals in Mumbai are known for their impeccable care and support to international patients. They arrange for translators, chart out commutable routes to the nearest pharmacy, eateries, and convenience stores, and arrange accommodation for the patients’ visitors. They even go to the extent of arranging cuisines suited to the patient’s hometown platter. You could book a hotel from their list of hotels or you could book your own. The hospital does not claim to yield profits from these, but they try to provide reliable and nearby options for the international patients. Their impeccable care and responsibility towards their patients makes them one of the best hospitals in Mumbai. 




Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center is one of the best private hospitals in Mumbai aimed to provide care with comfort to their patients, Their blend of scientific expertise and personalized care are what sets them apart from other private hospitals. Their dedicated care towards patients is evident from their nurse team trained to cater to their every need, nurse call systems and telephone facility in every room, and locker facilities and accommodation for visitors. 


It could be hailed as the best hospital for emergency in Mumbai due to its impeccable ambulance support, always accompanied by highly trained medical professionals to ensure the best possible care for patients on the way to receive treatment. Several doctors have stated that the preliminary stages of an attack, or accident injury are the most crucial period of healing and require the best treatment. Jaslok Hospitals and Research Center are truly committed to providing immediate and expert ambulance aid for their patients. Their emergency care unit is truly stellar in their approach, treatment, and care towards their patients. 



Jaslok Hospital and Research Center is the best hospital for emergency in India. However, their expertise does not just lie in that area. The reason Jaslok Hospital and Research Center stands out among many other hospitals in Mumbai is because of their patient driven care and treatment plans. They commit themselves wholeheartedly to the patient’s comfort and care. You would find sacred places for every religion within the hospital premises. And, if you are travelling from abroad to seek care at Jaslok, they would arrange for a translator for you. Jaslok always hopes that your stay in the hospital is short, but they devote themselves to creating a home for you to receive the best treatment while you are in the hospital.